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Unregistered Cosmetic Products – ANMAT Takes Action Against 2024

Safeguarding Consumers: ANMAT’s Proactive Measures Against Unregistered Cosmetics

Unregistered Cosmetic Products – Investigating Suspicions: ANMAT’s Proactive Approach

Unregistered Cosmetic Products – ANMAT, the National Administration of Medicines, Foods, and Medical Technology, has taken significant steps to protect consumers from potentially harmful cosmetic products. Recently, they initiated an investigation prompted by concerns raised through their Cosmetovigilance System. The focus was on a product named “LIESTAR Mosquito Repellent Liquid.”

Uncovering Unauthorized Products

ANMAT’s Department of Home Sanitary Products, Cosmetics, and Personal Hygiene conducted thorough electronic surveillance across various online platforms. This surveillance aimed to identify products under the brand name “Liestar.” Numerous listings were discovered, sparking suspicion.

Upon cross-referencing with ANMAT’s database of registered cosmetics, it became evident that these identified products lacked registration with ANMAT, indicating a potential breach of regulations. The Department of Market Control concluded that this situation violated specific legal articles and resolutions.

Recommendations for Consumer Safety

To safeguard consumers, the Department of Home Sanitary Products, Cosmetics, and Personal Hygiene proposed a nationwide prohibition on the sale, marketing, and advertising of these unregistered products until they receive proper authorization from the Health Authority. The absence of registration raises valid concerns regarding product safety, including traceability, manufacturing conditions, and compliance with regulatory standards. Furthermore, the presence of ethyl alcohol in these products necessitates adherence to quality and purity standards.

Legal Confirmation and Enforcement

The legality of the proposed prohibition was confirmed by ANMAT’s coordination team, aligning with recommendations outlined in the Food Legislation Directorate’s regulations. ANMAT derives the authority to enforce these measures from various legal decrees.

Based on these findings and legal considerations, ANMAT’s Administrator, Nélida Agustina Bisio, issued a directive to halt the sale, marketing, and advertising of the identified products until they obtain proper authorization.

Prioritizing Consumer Safety

ANMAT’s proactive approach underscores its dedication to ensuring consumer safety and regulatory compliance. By implementing stringent measures against unregistered cosmetic products, ANMAT strives to uphold the well-being of consumers across the nation.


FAQs Unregistered Cosmetic Products:

Are these products completely banned?

Yes, until they meet regulatory requirements.

How can consumers verify product registration?

By checking ANMAT’s official database.

What actions can consumers take if they’ve purchased these products?

They should cease use and contact ANMAT for guidance.

Will there be penalties for selling unregistered products?

Yes, in accordance with relevant laws.

What steps should businesses take to comply with regulations?

They should ensure product registration and adherence to safety standards.

Conclusion: Collaborative Efforts for a Safer Marketplace

ANMAT’s swift action in prohibiting the sale of unregistered cosmetic products demonstrates their unwavering commitment to protecting consumers from potential harm. It is imperative for both businesses and consumers to prioritize product safety and regulatory compliance. By working together, we can cultivate a safer marketplace for everyone.

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