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Unlocking Transparency: Appointment of Javier LANARI as Subsecretary of Press

In a decisive move showcasing commitment to open communication, the President of Argentina exercises constitutional authority under Article 99, inciso 7, with the issuance of Decree 40/2024. Effective from December 22, 2023, this decree marks the official appointment of Licenciado Javier LANARI (D.N.I. N° 31.009.658) to the position of Subsecretary of Press within the Presidency of the Nation, operating under the umbrella of the Secretaría de Comunicación y Prensa.

A New Era of Media Relations

The transition period commencing on December 22, 2023, ushers in a new era for media relations within the Argentine government. With the appointment of Licenciado Javier LANARI as Subsecretario de Prensa, the Secretaría de Comunicación y Prensa is poised for dynamic and transparent communication strategies.

Constitutional Mandate: Article 99, Inciso 7

The constitutional prerogative exercised by the President, as outlined in Article 99, inciso 7, emphasizes the significance of this appointment. It underscores the pivotal role that effective communication plays in the administration’s agenda, aligning with the principles of transparency and public awareness.

Forward Momentum: Next Steps and Implications

Immediate Impact: December 22, 2023

The immediacy of the decree’s implementation on December 22, 2023, signifies the urgency and importance attached to enhancing the government’s press and communication capabilities. Subsecretario Javier LANARI steps into the role with a mandate to bring about positive change and elevate the standards of media relations.

Communicative Excellence: Nurturing Public Engagement

As Subsecretario de Prensa, Javier LANARI is entrusted with the responsibility of nurturing public engagement through effective and transparent communication channels. This aligns with the broader goals of the administration to foster a sense of openness and accessibility.


Administrative Formalities

Dissemination Protocols: Communicate, Publish, Record

In adherence to administrative protocols, the decree mandates the communication, publication, and recording of this significant appointment. The directive extends to the Dirección Nacional del Registro Oficial, ensuring that the information is disseminated comprehensively and officially recorded for public awareness.

Archival Procedures: Documenting Historical Moments

The archival procedures outlined in the decree highlight the acknowledgment of historical significance. By archiving the details of this appointment, the government recognizes the enduring impact it may have on the trajectory of media relations within the Presidency of the Nation.

In conclusion, Decree 40/2024 serves as a testament to the Argentine government’s dedication to transparent communication. The appointment of Javier LANARI as Subsecretario de Prensa underscores a commitment to fostering a new era of media relations, aligning with constitutional mandates and forward-looking administrative goals.

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