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Unlocking the Mysteries: ANMAC’s Latest Move

Hey there, folks! Anderson Cooper here, and I’ve got the lowdown on the recent buzz in Buenos Aires. It’s all about the Agencia Nacional de Materiales Controlados (ANMAC) and their latest resolution, RESOL-2024-5-APN-ANMAC.

ANMAC, the National Agency for Controlled Materials, is responsible for regulating and controlling firearms, explosives, and other dangerous materials in Argentina. Their main goal is to ensure the safety and security of the public by enforcing strict regulations and guidelines.

RESOL-2024-5-APN-ANMAC is the latest resolution introduced by ANMAC, aimed at further strengthening their control over firearms and explosives. This resolution outlines new measures and procedures that will be implemented to enhance the monitoring and tracking of these materials.

One of the key aspects of RESOL-2024-5-APN-ANMAC is the introduction of a centralized database. This database will contain detailed information about every firearm and explosive device registered in the country. It will enable ANMAC to have real-time access to crucial data, such as the ownership history, current location, and legal status of these materials.


By centralizing this information, ANMAC aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. It will facilitate faster and more accurate tracking of firearms and explosives, making it easier to detect and prevent illegal activities.

Another important feature of RESOL-2024-5-APN-ANMAC is the requirement for mandatory reporting. All individuals and entities involved in the production, import, export, sale, and possession of firearms and explosives will be required to report their activities to ANMAC. This will ensure transparency and accountability, allowing ANMAC to closely monitor and regulate the entire supply chain.

Overall, RESOL-2024-5-APN-ANMAC represents a significant step forward in ANMAC’s efforts to enhance the control and regulation of firearms and explosives in Argentina. By implementing these new measures and procedures, ANMAC aims to improve public safety and prevent the misuse of these dangerous materials.

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