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Unlocking the Key: Understanding JEFATURA DE GABINETE DE MINISTROS

In the realm of administrative decisions, one must navigate through a labyrinth of legal jargon and governmental procedures. Among these, the JEFATURA DE GABINETE DE MINISTROS stands as a pivotal institution, wielding authority over appointments and organizational structures within the governmental framework.

Decoding the Administrative Decision 100/2024

The Administrative Decision 100/2024, also known as DA-2024-100-APN-JGM, delves into the intricacies of designations within the JEFATURA DE GABINETE DE MINISTROS. Let’s dissect its components and implications.

Understanding the Legal Landscape

Navigating Legislative Foundations: The decision refers to various legislative acts, including laws and decrees, providing a legal backdrop for its enactment.

Transitioning into New Regimes: With the enactment of Decree No. 88/23, the administration shifts towards compliance with the provisions of Law No. 27.701, altering the operational landscape effective from January 1, 2024.

Framework for Temporary Appointments: Decree No. 355/17 outlines the protocol for temporary appointments, empowering the Jefe de Gabinete de Ministros to enact such appointments based on organizational needs.

Organizational Structures: Decree No. 45/23 approves the organizational structure of the national administration, delineating hierarchies and objectives pertinent to the JEFATURA DE GABINETE DE MINISTROS.

Operational Directives: The decision administrative Nº 1865/20 establishes operational frameworks within the JEFATURA DE GABINETE DE MINISTROS, providing guidelines for its functioning.

Fulfilling Organizational Needs

The decision underscores the necessity of temporarily filling a vacant position within the DIRECCIÓN DE DICTÁMENES DE ASUNTOS NORMATIVOS Y EMPLEO PÚBLICO. This appointment, while temporary, serves to address administrative requirements without resorting to extraordinary measures.

Legal Mandates and Interventions

Legal Oversight: The intervention of the PROCURACIÓN DEL TESORO DE LA NACIÓN ensures adherence to legal mandates and procedural integrity.


Operational Involvement: The participation of the DIRECCIÓN GENERAL DE ASUNTOS JURÍDICOS signifies the operational engagement within the JEFATURA DE GABINETE DE MINISTROS.

Exercise of Authority

In accordance with constitutional provisions and legal mandates, the Jefe de Gabinete de Ministros exercises authority to enact this decision, ensuring compliance and efficiency within the administrative framework.

Conclusion: Navigating the Administrative Maze

Administrative decisions such as DA-2024-100-APN-JGM exemplify the intricate web of legalities and operational necessities within governmental structures. Understanding these decisions is crucial for comprehending the functioning of administrative bodies and their roles in governance.


What is the significance of Decisión Administrativa 100/2024?

Decisión Administrativa 100/2024 addresses temporary appointments within the JEFATURA DE GABINETE DE MINISTROS, highlighting organizational needs and legal compliance.

How does the decision impact organizational structures?

The decision underscores the importance of temporary appointments in addressing vacant positions within specific organizational units, ensuring continuity in operations.

What role do legal interventions play in the decision-making process?

Legal interventions, such as those by the PROCURACIÓN DEL TESORO DE LA NACIÓN and the DIRECCIÓN GENERAL DE ASUNTOS JURÍDICOS, ensure adherence to legal mandates and procedural integrity.

Why is understanding administrative decisions crucial?

Understanding administrative decisions provides insights into governmental operations, legal compliance, and the execution of authority within bureaucratic frameworks.

How does DA-2024-100-APN-JGM reflect governmental efficiency?

By addressing organizational needs through temporary appointments, the decision reflects governmental adaptability and responsiveness to changing requirements.

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