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Unlocking the Importance of the Instituto Geográfico Nacional: Understanding Decree 144/2024

The Evolution of Leadership: Establishing a Guiding Force

Since its inception, the Instituto Geográfico Nacional has been a crucial entity within the Ministry of Defense’s realm, dedicated to geographical research and analysis.

The Role of a President

Initially outlined by Decree 2101/15, the institute’s leadership was defined to be helmed by a President with the rank of Subsecretary.

The Appointment of Jorge Horacio Machuca

With the position left vacant, the Minister of Defense, recognizing the importance of proficient leadership, proposed the appointment of Jorge Horacio Machuca as the President.

Ensuring Expertise

Machuca, an accomplished geographer, stands as an exemplary candidate, possessing the necessary qualifications and expertise to steer the institute forward.

Legal Proceedings and Constitutional Authority

Legal Oversight: The involvement of the Dirección General de Asuntos Jurídicos ensured the adherence to legal protocols within the Ministry of Defense.

Constitutional Mandate: This decree is enacted under the constitutional authority vested by Article 99, clause 7, affirming the presidential power to make such appointments.

Decree Details and Implementation

Article 1: Presidential Appointment: As per Article 1 of the decree, Jorge Horacio Machuca assumes the role of President of the Instituto Geográfico Nacional effective January 10, 2024.

Article 2: Financial Allocation: Article 2 delineates the financial allocation for implementing this measure, sourced from the Ministry of Defense’s budgetary provisions.

Article 3: Administrative Processes: Article 3 outlines the necessary administrative steps, including communication, publication, and archival procedures, essential for the decree’s execution.


The appointment of Jorge Horacio Machuca as President marks a pivotal moment for the Instituto Geográfico Nacional, ensuring continued excellence in geographical research and defense-related initiatives.


Q: Why is the Instituto Geográfico Nacional important?


A: The institute plays a crucial role in geographical research and supports defense-related endeavors.

Q: What qualifications does Jorge Horacio Machuca possess?

A: Machuca, an accomplished geographer, fulfills the necessary criteria for effective leadership.

Q: How does this decree align with constitutional mandates?

A: The decree operates within the legal framework outlined by the constitution, ensuring adherence to established protocols.

Q: What implications does this appointment have for the institute’s future?

A: Machuca’s appointment promises continued excellence and advancement within the Instituto Geográfico Nacional.

Q: How will the financial aspects of this decree be managed?

A: The decree specifies the allocation of funds from the Ministry of Defense’s budget for implementation purposes.

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