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Unlocking the Decree: New Appointments at the National Institute of Associativism and Social Economy

In the heart of Buenos Aires, a significant governmental move took place on February 2, 2024. The Presidential Decree 112/2024, officially known as DECTO-2024-112-APN-PTE, brought forth crucial designations within the Instituto Nacional de Asociativismo y Economía Social (INAES). Let’s delve into the details and understand the implications of this decree.

Decoding the Decree

Understanding the Constitutional Backbone

The decree draws its authority from Article 99, Section 7 of the CONSTITUCIÓN NACIONAL and Article 4º of the April 15, 1996, Decree No. 420, along with its subsequent amendments. This constitutional foundation sets the stage for the presidential actions that follow.

The Presidential Move

Article 1: Meet Eduardo Héctor FONTENLA

Effective January 1, 2024, the decree appoints Licenciado Eduardo Héctor FONTENLA (D.N.I. Nº 12.199.764) as a Vocal of the Board of Directors at INAES. This institution, operating under the umbrella of the MINISTERIO DE CAPITAL HUMANO, now welcomes a new face representing the PODER EJECUTIVO NACIONAL.

Article 2: Introducing Matías KELLY

Simultaneously, the decree appoints Mr. Matías KELLY (D.N.I. Nº 25.731.769) as another Vocal of the Board of Directors at INAES. With the same effective date, Matías KELLY steps into the role, adding another layer of expertise to the organization in representation of the PODER EJECUTIVO NACIONAL.

Article 3: Formalities and Archiving

Closing the decree, Article 3 mandates communication, publication, and filing of the decree. It highlights the official procedures to be followed, including a nod to the DIRECCIÓN NACIONAL DEL REGISTRO OFICIAL.

Wrapping Up the Decree

In summary, this decree shapes the leadership at INAES, bringing in new voices to guide its path within the national framework. The strategic appointments align with the constitutional and regulatory framework, ensuring a smooth transition and operational continuity.



Why are these appointments significant?

These appointments bring fresh perspectives and expertise to the leadership of INAES, enhancing its capabilities and effectiveness.

What does a Vocal of the Board of Directors do?

A Vocal contributes to decision-making processes, providing insights and guidance to ensure the organization’s success.

How does this impact the Ministry of Human Capital?

The appointments align with the Ministry’s objectives, fostering collaboration and synergy between the two entities.

What role does the President play in these appointments?

The President, in accordance with constitutional powers, designates individuals to key positions, ensuring competent leadership.

Where can I find the official documentation of this decree?

You can access the official information through the DIRECCIÓN NACIONAL DEL REGISTRO OFICIAL.

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