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Unlocking Success: AMV Consulting Services S.A.

In the bustling streets of Argentina, Alejandro María Moreno Vivot and Juan Manuel Barros stand as pillars of entrepreneurship. Born with a shared vision, Alejandro, a seasoned businessman, and Juan, a skilled lawyer, united to form AMV Consulting Services S.A.

On the memorable day of February 23, 2024, Notary Maria Carolina Falco immortalized their venture in Esc. N° 3, F° 7, leaving an indelible mark in Godoy Cruz, Mendoza.

Founded on the bedrock of innovation, AMV Consulting Services S.A. found its home at Avenida Córdoba 1351, piso 8, CABA.

Navigating the Spectrum of Services

Unveiling a Multifaceted Approach, AMV Consulting Services S.A. embarks on a journey spanning diverse sectors, catering to both national and international clientele. Let’s delve into its spectrum of services:

Industrial Ventures

From production to commercialization, AMV Consulting Services S.A. facilitates the growth of the Argentine industry through product manufacturing and trade.

Agricultural and Livestock Endeavors

Venturing into the heart of rural landscapes, AMV Consulting Services S.A. engages in agricultural and livestock activities, fostering sustainable growth in farming communities.

Construction and Real Estate

Shaping skylines and transforming landscapes, AMV Consulting Services S.A. pioneers in construction, offering a myriad of real estate solutions.

Cultural Events, Sports, and Tourism

Bringing dreams to life, AMV Consulting Services S.A. orchestrates captivating cultural events, sports extravaganzas, and enriching tourism experiences.

Advisory and Consultancy Services

Guiding businesses with precision, AMV Consulting Services S.A. offers expert advice in administrative, marketing, and legal domains.


Professional Services

With a focus on excellence, AMV Consulting Services S.A. delivers professional services tailored to meet the dynamic needs of clients worldwide.

Energy and Petroleum Ventures

Fueling the future, AMV Consulting Services S.A. explores energy reserves and delves into petroleum products, embracing sustainable practices for a greener tomorrow.

Import-Export Ventures

Bridging continents, AMV Consulting Services S.A. facilitates global trade through import-export operations, ensuring seamless transactions for industrial growth.

Commercial Ventures

From wholesale to retail, AMV Consulting Services S.A. pioneers in commercial endeavors, sourcing and distributing a plethora of products worldwide.

Representation and Logistics

Ensuring smooth operations, AMV Consulting Services S.A. provides representation and logistics services, optimizing supply chains and fostering international partnerships.

With a rich tapestry of services, AMV Consulting Services S.A. continues to unlock success for its clients, driven by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and trust.

Unlock your potential with AMV Consulting Services S.A. and embark on a journey towards success.

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