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Unlocking Opportunities: RENATRE’s New Social Security Payment Plan for Rural Employers in 2024

In a significant move to support rural employers across the nation, the National Registry of Rural Workers and Employers (RENATRE) has introduced a groundbreaking initiative. Resolution 5192/2023, dated December 21, 2023, outlines a comprehensive plan aimed at facilitating the payment of social security debts by rural employers.

The foundation for this initiative lies in Ley Nº 25.191, which established RENATRE as a non-state public autonomous entity. Comprising members from rural sector organizations, RENATRE operates under the leadership of representatives from both agricultural entities and nationally recognized rural worker associations.

Building on Ley Nº 25.191, Presidential Decree PEN Nº 453/01 and Ministerial Resolution N° 233/2002 set the regulatory framework for RENATRE’s operations. These legal foundations empower RENATRE to ensure compliance with the obligations outlined in Ley Nº 25.191.

Resolution N° 1 of January 9, 2023, appointed Mr. José Antonio Voytenco as the President of RENATRE, effective from January 1, 2023, until December 31, 2023. This leadership change aligns with the mission to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of RENATRE’s operations.

Article 14 of Ley N° 25.191 mandates rural employers to contribute one and a half percent (1.5%) of each worker’s total remuneration to the National Registry of Rural Workers and Employers. Infringements and Penalties Article 15 of Ley N° 25.191 categorizes violations based on severity, establishing a penalty framework for non-compliance by employers. Additionally, Presidential Decree PEN Nº 453/01 authorizes RENATRE to monitor and enforce the obligations outlined in Ley N° 25.191.

Resolution N° 130, dated December 5, 2023, showcases RENATRE’s commitment to innovative solutions. It approves a system allowing employers to join the SOCIAL SECURITY DEBT PAYMENT PLAN, effectively addressing outstanding obligations.


To access these facilities, employers must be registered under the terms of Article 7 of Ley N° 25.191 and Resolution N° 64/2018. However, exclusions apply to employers associated with indicators of exploitation, human trafficking, child labor, or detected informal labor. This criterion extends to resolutions such as N° 78/2017, N° 234/18, N° 66/2019, Nº 36/2020, and their extensions.

Article 1 of the resolution establishes the SOCIAL SECURITY DEBT PAYMENT PLAN for the year 2024. This plan encompasses various debts, including monthly contributions, interest, and fines, ensuring a comprehensive approach to resolving outstanding issues.

Effective from January 1, 2024, Article 2 establishes the commencement of the resolution, nullifying any conflicting regulations. Article 3 mandates the registration of this resolution in the RENATRE Resolution Registry, with instructions for communication and publication.

In conclusion, RENATRE’s Resolution 5192/2023 not only addresses financial concerns for rural employers but also demonstrates a commitment to fostering compliance and sustainable practices within the agricultural sector. This forward-thinking approach marks a significant stride towards a more resilient and responsible rural workforce.

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