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Unlocking Leadership Excellence: Dr. Marcelo Oscar COLLOMB Appointed President of INAES

In a strategic move set to shape the future of the Instituto Nacional de Asociativismo y Economía Social (INAES), President Sandra Pettovello has signed Decree 83/2023, officially appointing Dr. Marcelo Oscar COLLOMB as the new President of the Board. This decisive appointment, made under the provisions of Article 99, inciso 7 of the Constitución Nacional and in alignment with Article 4º of Decree Nº 420 dated April 15, 1996, and its subsequent amendments, marks a pivotal moment in the organization’s leadership.

Effective December 18, 2023, Dr. Marcelo Oscar COLLOMB, with the distinctive identification number D.N.I. N° 14.623.771, assumes the esteemed position of President of the Board at INAES. This transition signifies a commitment to driving excellence and fostering innovation within the realms of associativism and social economy.

As the newly appointed President, Dr. Marcelo Oscar COLLOMB is poised to steer INAES toward unprecedented success. With his extensive experience and visionary leadership, a new era of growth and collaboration within the realm of social and economic associations is on the horizon.

President Sandra Pettovello emphasizes the significance of this appointment, urging swift dissemination of the news. The directive extends to official channels, including communication, publication, and archiving procedures facilitated by the Dirección Nacional del Registro Oficial.


In a final endorsement of this transformative decision, President Sandra Pettovello pens her approval. The announcement, bearing witness to proactive governance, is officially dated and stamped for public consumption on December 26, 2023.

In conclusion, the appointment of Dr. Marcelo Oscar COLLOMB as the President of the Board at INAES marks a strategic shift, reflecting the commitment to leadership excellence and innovation within the framework of associativism and social economy. This dynamic change signals a promising future for the organization, with Dr. Marcelo Oscar COLLOMB at the helm, steering the INAES ship toward uncharted territories of success and collaboration.

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