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Unlocking Insights: Ministerio de Seguridad Resolution 87/2024

In the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, a significant decree was issued on February 29, 2024. The Ministerio de Seguridad Resolution 87/2024, abbreviated as RESOL-2024-87-APN-MSG, reflects upon critical legal measures taken in light of historical events and the ongoing pursuit of justice.

Unraveling the Context

This resolution delves into the aftermath of the tragic terrorist attack on July 18, 1994, targeting the headquarters of the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (A.M.I.A.). Embedded within its provisions are responses to legal complexities, bureaucratic dynamics, and the overarching quest for accountability.

Evolution of Investigative Units

Initiated through Decree No. 452/00 and its subsequent amendments, the creation of the Unidad Especial de Investigación marked a pivotal step in addressing the atrocity inflicted upon the A.M.I.A. headquarters. This specialized unit was empowered not only to respond to judicial requisitions but also to initiate inquiries autonomously, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the investigation process.

Legal Imperatives and State Accountability

The judicial landscape surrounding the A.M.I.A. attack witnessed significant developments, including judicial absolution of the accused in certain instances and the indictment of state officials for obstructing justice. Moreover, through Decree No. 812/2005, Argentina acknowledged its responsibility before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, underscoring its commitment to pursuing truth and accountability.

Structural Adaptations for Enhanced Oversight

Over the years, legislative adjustments such as Decree No. 229/2006 and Decree No. 108/2016 have expanded the mandate and clarified the organizational structure of the Unidad Especial de Investigación. These measures aimed to streamline operations, fortify investigative capabilities, and ensure closer alignment with the Ministry of Justice’s strategic objectives.

Recent Administrative Revisions

In a recent turn of events, Resolution No. RESOL-2021-537-APN-MJ, enacted on June 30, 2021, was repealed to realign the Unidad Especial de Investigación with the Secretaría de Justicia. This decision reflects a strategic realignment aimed at optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing the unit’s responsiveness to evolving investigative imperatives.


The Ministerio de Seguridad Resolution 87/2024 represents a continuum of efforts aimed at addressing the enduring implications of the A.M.I.A. attack. Through legislative measures, institutional adjustments, and strategic realignments, Argentina underscores its unwavering commitment to pursuing justice and upholding human rights.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the significance of Resolution 87/2024?

    Resolution 87/2024 reflects Argentina’s ongoing endeavors to address the aftermath of the A.M.I.A. terrorist attack comprehensively.

  2. How does Decree No. 452/00 contribute to the investigative process?

    Decree No. 452/00 established the Unidad Especial de Investigación, empowering it to conduct inquiries both in response to judicial requisitions and autonomously.

  3. What prompted the recent administrative revisions?

    Recent administrative revisions, including the repeal of Resolution No. RESOL-2021-537-APN-MJ, were aimed at optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing the unit’s responsiveness.

  4. What role does Resolution 87/2024 play in ensuring state accountability?

    Resolution 87/2024 underscores Argentina’s commitment to accountability by realigning investigative structures and enhancing oversight mechanisms.

  5. How do these legislative measures contribute to justice-seeking efforts?

    Legislative measures such as Decree No. 108/2016 and subsequent resolutions aim to streamline operations, fortify investigative capabilities, and ensure closer alignment with strategic objectives, thereby enhancing justice-seeking endeavors.

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