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Unlocking Financial Support: Understanding the Latest ANSES Resolution

In the heart of Buenos Aires, on the 28th of February 2024, the Administración Nacional de la Seguridad Social (ANSES) announced the Resolution 40/2024, marking a significant milestone in social security regulation. This resolution, which draws from a rich legal backdrop, intertwines various laws and decrees, sets the stage for a more inclusive and responsive social security framework.

The resolution takes into account several key considerations, including the provisions of Law No. 24.714, which established a National Family Allowance Regime. This regime caters to various sectors, including workers in both the private and public sectors, beneficiaries of disability and unemployment insurance, and individuals contributing to the Simplified Regime for Small Taxpayers (RS).

Furthermore, the resolution incorporates amendments such as those introduced by Law No. 27.160, which focuses on mobility adjustments concerning family allowances and income thresholds. Law No. 27.609 also plays a crucial role, specifying the methodology for calculating mobility and authorizing ANSES to publish the quarterly mobility index.

Decrees such as No. 514/2021 ensure that all workers, including those engaged in temporary or discontinuous work, receive family allowances. Meanwhile, Resolution No. 38/2024 emphasizes the importance of ensuring that these allowances meet a minimum threshold, aligning with universal standards.

Specific provisions, like those outlined in Decree No. 117/23, mark significant increases in various allowances, ensuring they remain in line with evolving social and economic realities. Moreover, Decree No. 150/24 addresses educational support, setting forth clear guidelines for annual school aid.

As the resolution comes into effect, it sets forth precise directives for the adjustment of family allowance thresholds and amounts. It underscores the commitment to equitable distribution and social welfare, mirroring the government’s efforts to safeguard the interests of its citizens.

In essence, Resolution 40/2024 represents a pivotal moment in social security regulation, reflecting a comprehensive approach to address evolving societal needs. By amalgamating legal provisions, it sets the stage for a more inclusive and responsive social security framework.



1. How does Resolution 40/2024 impact individuals receiving family allowances?
Resolution 40/2024 ensures that family allowance thresholds and amounts are adjusted to reflect current economic realities, potentially leading to increased support for eligible individuals.

2. What role do decrees play in shaping social security regulations?
Decrees, such as Decree No. 514/2021 and Decree No. 117/23, introduce amendments and adjustments to existing regulations, influencing the implementation and administration of social security policies.

3. How does Resolution 40/2024 address educational support?
Resolution 40/2024, through Decree No. 150/24, outlines specific guidelines for annual school aid, emphasizing the importance of educational assistance in fostering social development.

4. What is the significance of Law No. 27.609 in the context of social security?
Law No. 27.609 provides a framework for calculating mobility adjustments and authorizes ANSES to publish the quarterly mobility index, ensuring transparency and accountability in the allocation of social security benefits.

5. How can individuals stay informed about updates and changes in social security regulations?
Individuals can access official channels such as ANSES websites and government publications to stay updated on the latest developments in social security regulations and policies.

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