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Unlocking Efficiency: Understanding the ENTE NACIONAL REGULADOR DEL GAS Resolution 72/2024

The ENTE NACIONAL REGULADOR DEL GAS recently passed Resolution 72/2024, shaping the future of gas regulation. Let’s delve into the details and implications.

What Does the Resolution Entail?

The resolution aims to enhance infrastructure and embrace technological advancements, ultimately improving operational efficiency within ENARGAS.

Enhancing Infrastructure

One of the key objectives of Resolution 72/2024 is to modernize infrastructure. This includes acquiring fingerprint scanners and revitalizing walkways at ENARGAS headquarters in Buenos Aires. By investing in these upgrades, the regulatory body is ensuring a more secure and efficient working environment for its employees.

Technological Advancements

The resolution also emphasizes the importance of embracing advanced technology. By implementing remote configurations via TCP/IP and Power over Ethernet (PoE), ENARGAS will be able to streamline its operations and significantly improve efficiency. These technological advancements will enable the regulatory body to monitor and manage gas regulation more effectively.

The Journey of Evaluation

The evaluation process for selecting a provider for these technological advancements was rigorous and thorough.

Rigorous Assessment

During the evaluation process, technical compliance outlined in the terms and conditions was meticulously scrutinized. This ensured that the selected provider would meet the necessary requirements and deliver the desired outcomes.

Sole Provider

INTELEKTRON S.A. emerged as the sole provider during the bidding process. Their competence and suitability were demonstrated, making them the ideal choice to implement the technological advancements outlined in Resolution 72/2024.

Ensuring Transparency and Compliance

Resolution 72/2024 places a strong emphasis on transparency and compliance. Various checks and verifications were conducted to ensure the selected provider met the necessary standards.

Stringent Checks

INTELEKTRON S.A. underwent comprehensive checks, including scrutiny by the PUBLIC EMPLOYERS REGISTER WITH LABOR SANCTIONS (REPSAL) and verification of tax compliance with the FEDERAL PUBLIC REVENUE ADMINISTRATION (AFIP). These checks were conducted to ensure the provider’s credibility and adherence to regulatory standards.


Ethical Integrity

INTELEKTRON S.A. demonstrated ethical integrity throughout the evaluation process. Their commitment to ethical standards was evident in the absence of conflicts of interest with governmental entities. This further solidified their suitability as the chosen provider.


Resolution 72/2024 marks a pivotal step towards enhancing operational efficiency and technological prowess within ENARGAS. It underscores a commitment to transparency, efficiency, and technological advancement in gas regulation.


Why was INTELEKTRON S.A. the sole provider?

INTELEKTRON S.A. demonstrated comprehensive compliance and suitability during the evaluation process, making them the ideal choice to implement the technological advancements outlined in Resolution 72/2024.

What are the key technological advancements facilitated by the resolution?

The resolution paves the way for remote configurations via TCP/IP and Power over Ethernet (PoE), enhancing operational efficiency within ENARGAS.

How does the resolution ensure transparency and compliance?

The resolution mandates stringent checks, including evaluation by regulatory bodies and verification of ethical integrity. These measures ensure that the selected provider meets the necessary standards and adheres to ethical practices.

What does Resolution 72/2024 signify for ENARGAS?

Resolution 72/2024 signifies a commitment to modernization, transparency, and efficiency within ENARGAS operations. It sets the stage for a more technologically advanced and streamlined regulatory landscape.

How does the resolution impact the gas regulatory landscape?

Resolution 72/2024 sets a precedent for leveraging advanced technology and ensuring ethical integrity in gas regulation. This promises a more efficient and transparent future for the gas regulatory landscape.

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