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Understanding the ENARGAS Resolution 74/2024: A Comprehensive Overview

Have you heard about the ENARGAS Resolution 74/2024? If you’re not familiar with it, don’t worry – you’re not alone. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of what the ENARGAS Resolution 74/2024 is all about.

What is the ENARGAS Resolution 74/2024?

The ENARGAS Resolution 74/2024, also known as RESOL-2024-74-APN-DIRECTORIO, is a regulatory measure implemented by the Argentine National Gas Regulatory Entity (ENARGAS). It was introduced to address various issues and concerns related to the natural gas sector in Argentina.

Key Objectives of the Resolution

The ENARGAS Resolution 74/2024 aims to achieve several key objectives:

  • Promote fair competition in the natural gas market
  • Ensure the reliability and efficiency of natural gas service
  • Protect the rights and interests of consumers
  • Encourage investment in the natural gas sector

Main Provisions of the Resolution

The ENARGAS Resolution 74/2024 includes several important provisions that have a significant impact on the natural gas industry. Some of the key provisions are:

1. Tariff Regulation

The resolution establishes a new tariff regulation framework to ensure that natural gas tariffs are fair and transparent. It aims to strike a balance between the interests of consumers and the financial sustainability of gas service providers.

2. Quality of Service

The resolution sets specific standards for the quality of natural gas service, including parameters such as pressure, continuity, and safety. Gas service providers are required to meet these standards to ensure the reliability and safety of the service.

3. Consumer Protection

The resolution emphasizes the importance of consumer protection and establishes mechanisms to address consumer complaints and disputes. It also promotes transparency in billing and encourages gas service providers to provide clear and accurate information to consumers.


4. Investment Promotion

The resolution aims to promote investment in the natural gas sector by providing incentives and creating a favorable regulatory environment. It encourages the development of infrastructure, exploration, and production activities to ensure the long-term sustainability of the natural gas industry.

Implications and Benefits

The ENARGAS Resolution 74/2024 has several implications and benefits for various stakeholders:

1. Consumers

For consumers, the resolution ensures fair and transparent tariffs, improved service quality, and enhanced consumer protection. It gives consumers the confidence that their rights and interests are being safeguarded.

2. Gas Service Providers

The resolution provides gas service providers with a clear regulatory framework and promotes a level playing field for competition. It encourages investment in infrastructure and supports the financial sustainability of gas service providers.

3. Natural Gas Industry

The resolution plays a crucial role in the development and growth of the natural gas industry in Argentina. It creates a favorable environment for investment, promotes innovation and efficiency, and contributes to the long-term sustainability of the industry.


The ENARGAS Resolution 74/2024 is a significant regulatory measure that aims to address various issues and concerns in the natural gas sector. By promoting fair competition, ensuring service reliability, protecting consumer rights, and encouraging investment, the resolution has a positive impact on the industry and its stakeholders. It sets the stage for a more transparent, efficient, and sustainable natural gas market in Argentina.

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