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Understanding the Appointment of a Remote Processing Director by the Office of the Prime Minister


In a recent administrative decision, the Office of the Prime Minister made a significant appointment. Let’s delve into the details and implications of Decision 99/2024.

Exploring the Decision

The decision, labeled DA-2024-99-APN-JGM, focuses on the appointment of a Director of Remote Processing.

Context and Legal Framework

Several legal documents and precedents set the stage for this decision, including various decrees and administrative resolutions.

  • Decree 88/23: This decree established the enforcement of the General Budget of the National Administration.
  • Decree 355/17: It outlined the process for temporary staff appointments within the public administration.
  • Decree 45/23: Approved the organizational structure for the National Administration, particularly within the Prime Minister’s Office.
  • Administrative Decision 1865/20: Defined the organizational structure of the Prime Minister’s Office’s operational levels.

Key Considerations

The decision acknowledges the need to fill a vacant position within the Directorate of State Digital Integration and Processing.

  • Temporary Appointment: The appointment is temporary and doesn’t involve extraordinary resource allocation.
  • Legal Oversight: The Office’s Legal Affairs Directorate has reviewed and approved the decision.
  • Constitutional Authority: The decision is made in accordance with constitutional and legal provisions.

The Decision

The Prime Minister, exercising his authority, has decided:

  • Appointment: Christian Omar RAMOS is appointed as Director of Remote Processing, effective from January 1, 2024, for a term of 180 business days.
  • Terms: The appointment aligns with the terms specified in the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Public Sector Employees.
  • Financial Approval: The necessary financial provisions are authorized as per the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • Future Procedures: The vacant position will be filled permanently following the established selection procedures within 180 business days from January 1, 2024.
  • Financial Allocations: The expenses related to this decision will be covered by specific budget allocations within the Prime Minister’s Office.


Decision 99/2024 by the Office of the Prime Minister signifies a strategic move to ensure effective governance and operational efficiency. By appointing a Director of Remote Processing, the government demonstrates its commitment to digital integration and service facilitation.


  1. Why is the appointment temporary?

    Temporary appointments allow for immediate coverage of critical roles while permanent selection procedures are carried out.

  2. What impact does this decision have on the budget?


    The decision utilizes existing budget allocations within the Prime Minister’s Office, avoiding the need for additional resources.

  3. How will the permanent replacement be selected?

    The replacement will be selected following the established procedures outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Public Sector Employees.

  4. Who oversees the legal aspects of such decisions?

    The Office’s Legal Affairs Directorate ensures the compliance and legality of administrative decisions.

  5. What is the significance of this appointment in the context of digital governance?

    This appointment underscores the government’s commitment to digital transformation and efficient service delivery through remote processing capabilities.

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