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Understanding Resolution 41/2024: Argentina’s Commitment to International Compliance

In the bustling city of Buenos Aires, on January 19, 2024, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Worship unveiled Resolution 41/2024, marking a significant stride in international governance. Let’s delve into the intricacies of Resolution 41/2024 to grasp its implications and directives.

The Legal Framework

The resolution builds upon various legal instruments, including decrees and resolutions, such as Law No. 12.838 and Decree No. 1521 (2004), alongside subsequent amendments.

Key Considerations

The resolution emphasizes adherence to resolutions passed under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, outlining mandatory measures sans military force, including sanctions and their alterations.

Focus on Libya

Of notable mention are the resolutions pertaining to the Libyan state, particularly Resolution No. 1970 (2011) and subsequent extensions through Resolutions 2684 (2023) and 2701 (2023) by the UN Security Council.

Operational Procedures: What You Need to Know

Understanding the operational aspects elucidated within the resolution is crucial.

Dissemination Protocol

The Ministry, in accordance with its mandate, is tasked with publicizing Security Council resolutions and consolidated lists of sanctioned individuals and entities via official channels, including the National Official Gazette and the ministry’s website.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Resolution 41/2024 stands as a testament to Argentina’s commitment to international compliance and cooperation, ensuring the effective implementation of UN mandates.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the significance of Resolution 41/2024?

    Resolution 41/2024 underscores Argentina’s adherence to international mandates, particularly regarding sanctions and obligations outlined by the UN Security Council.

  2. How does Resolution 41/2024 impact international relations?

    By adhering to UN directives, Resolution 41/2024 strengthens Argentina’s role in global governance and fosters diplomatic cooperation among nations.

  3. Where can one access the full text of Resolution 41/2024?

    The complete text of Resolution 41/2024 is available on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Worship.

  4. Are there any upcoming amendments or extensions anticipated regarding Resolution 41/2024?

    While future amendments are possible, any alterations or extensions would be subject to the evolving dynamics of international affairs and UN deliberations.

  5. How does Resolution 41/2024 align with Argentina’s foreign policy objectives?

    Resolution 41/2024 aligns with Argentina’s commitment to upholding international law, promoting peace, and ensuring global security through collaborative efforts with the United Nations.

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