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Understanding Resolution 39/2024 by ANSES: Decoding the Legal Jargon

Navigating through the legal intricacies of Resolution 39/2024 issued by the ADMINISTRACIÓN NACIONAL DE LA SEGURIDAD SOCIAL (ANSES) can be daunting. Let’s break it down.

Key Legislation

The resolution refers to various laws, such as Law No. 26.417 and its amendments, along with Law No. 27.609, which are fundamental in determining social security provisions.

Purpose and Amendments

Law No. 26.417 introduced changes to the SISTEMA INTEGRADO PREVISIONAL ARGENTINO (SIPA), impacting benefit mobility. Law No. 27.609 amended Article 32 of Law No. 24.241, altering the formula for benefit calculation and assigning ANSES the task of quarterly index creation.

Implications and Updates

Benefit Calculation

ANSES is responsible for calculating and publishing the quarterly index, as per the revised laws, ensuring accurate benefit adjustments.

Regulatory Framework

Decree No. 104/21 clarified the terms of the benefit calculation formula, providing a regulatory framework for its implementation.

Operational Guidelines

Resolution SSS No. 3/21 nullified conflicting provisions and outlined specific guidelines for Law No. 27.609, streamlining its application.

Ensuring Fairness and Compliance

Minimum and Maximum Thresholds

The resolution sets minimum and maximum income thresholds, ensuring equitable distribution of benefits.

Universal Benefits

It determines the values for Universal Basic Benefit (PBU) and Universal Pension for the Elderly (PUAM), aligning them with the mobility index.


Resolution 39/2024 signifies a concerted effort by ANSES to uphold social security standards and ensure the fair distribution of benefits among beneficiaries.

FAQs Regarding Resolution 39/2024

Q: What is the significance of Resolution 39/2024?


A: Resolution 39/2024 outlines crucial amendments and operational guidelines pertaining to social security benefits under ANSES.

Q: Who is responsible for quarterly index creation according to the resolution?

A: ANSES is tasked with creating and publishing the quarterly index as per the revised legal provisions.

Q: How does Resolution 39/2024 impact benefit calculations?

A: It establishes clear guidelines for benefit calculation, ensuring fairness and compliance with legal mandates.

Q: What are some key components of the regulatory framework mentioned in the resolution?

A: Decree No. 104/21 provides clarity on the terms of the benefit calculation formula, offering a structured regulatory framework.

Q: What are the universal benefits addressed in Resolution 39/2024?

A: The resolution determines values for Universal Basic Benefit (PBU) and Universal Pension for the Elderly (PUAM), aligning them with the mobility index.

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