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Understanding Nuclear Regulatory Authority: Resolution 79/2024

In the heart of Buenos Aires, on February 29, 2024, a significant resolution was passed – Resolution 79/2024 by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN). This resolution, rooted in the Argentine National Law of Nuclear Activity No. 24.804 and its regulatory decree No. 1390/98, holds great importance in the regulation of nuclear activities within the country.

The Legal Framework

The groundwork of Resolution 79/2024 lies in the Argentine National Law of Nuclear Activity No. 24.804 and its regulatory decree No. 1390/98. These legal instruments form the backbone of nuclear activity regulation within the country.

Authority of the ARN

The ARN, or the Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear, holds the reins in matters concerning nuclear activities in Argentina. As per Article 9(a) of Law No. 24.804, adherence to ARN regulations is mandatory for any individual or entity engaging in nuclear activities. This includes obtaining requisite licenses, permits, or authorizations.

Faculties of the ARN

The ARN wields considerable power, with the authority to grant, suspend, or revoke licenses, permits, or authorizations pertaining to radioactive materials. This ensures stringent adherence to safety protocols and regulatory standards.

Recommendations and Compliance

The recommendation by the Security, Physical, and Safeguards Management, alongside the Industrial Applications Control Submanagement, signals compliance with regulatory procedures. Their endorsement reflects meticulous scrutiny of installations and personnel against regulatory requirements.

Legal Intervention

The involvement of the Legal Affairs and Administrative and Resources Management demonstrates the comprehensive nature of the resolution process. Legal oversight ensures procedural integrity and adherence to legal standards.

Directorial Competence

The resolution underscores the competence of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority’s board, as outlined in Article 22 of Law No. 24.804. This highlights the authority vested in the ARN’s directorate to enact such resolutions.

Resolution Highlights

In a meeting on February 21, 2024 (Act No. 6), the board of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority resolved:

  • Article 1: Granting of Operation Licenses listed in Act No. 630, Industrial Applications, as detailed in the annex to this resolution.
  • Article 2: Communication to the General Secretariat, Security, Physical, and Safeguards Management, and notification to applicants of Operation Licenses. Publication in the Official Gazette of the Argentine Republic and archiving for official records.


Resolution 79/2024 signifies a pivotal step in regulating nuclear activities in Argentina, ensuring adherence to stringent safety and operational standards set forth by the ARN.


What is the significance of Resolution 79/2024?

Resolution 79/2024 establishes regulatory guidelines for nuclear activities in Argentina, ensuring safety and compliance.

Who oversees the implementation of this resolution?

The Nuclear Regulatory Authority, specifically its directorate, oversees the implementation of Resolution 79/2024.

What implications does this resolution have for nuclear operators?

Nuclear operators must adhere to the regulations set forth in Resolution 79/2024 to obtain and maintain operational licenses.

How does Resolution 79/2024 contribute to nuclear safety?

By granting licenses and enforcing regulatory standards, Resolution 79/2024 enhances nuclear safety measures in Argentina.

Where can I find more information about nuclear regulations in Argentina?

For further details on nuclear regulations and compliance, visit the Nuclear Regulatory Authority’s official website.

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