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Understanding Nuclear Regulatory Authority in Argentina

In the realm of nuclear activities, regulations are paramount. Let’s delve into the Argentine context, where the Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear (ARN) plays a crucial role.

Navigating Legal Frameworks

In Argentina, the legal framework surrounding nuclear activities is defined by the Ley Nacional de la Actividad Nuclear N° 24.804 and its regulatory counterpart, Decreto Reglamentario N° 1390/98.

Roles of Regulatory Bodies

The ARN, as per Article 9°, Inciso a) of Ley N° 24.804, mandates compliance with nuclear regulations. It holds the authority to grant, suspend, or revoke licenses, permits, or authorizations for radioactive material users.

Recommendations and Compliance

The GERENCIA SEGURIDAD RADIOLÓGICA, FÍSICA Y SALVAGUARDIAS and the SUBGERENCIA CONTROL DE APLICACIONES MÉDICAS endorse granting operation licenses. This follows rigorous regulatory procedures, ensuring alignment with safety standards.

Administrative Processes

Throughout the regulatory process, the GERENCIAS ASUNTOS JURÍDICOS and ASUNTOS ADMINISTRATIVOS Y RECURSOS provide necessary interventions.

Directive Authority

The directive authority lies with the Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear’s Directory, as stated in Article 22 of Ley N° 24.804.

Resolution 80/2024: Key Decisions

The recent Resolution 80/2024, dated February 29, 2024, is pivotal in the regulatory landscape.

Granting Operation Licenses

Under this resolution, licenses outlined in Acta N° 629 for Medical Applications are granted, as detailed in the annex accompanying the resolution.

Communication and Dissemination

Notifications are dispatched to the SECRETARÍA GENERAL, the GERENCIA SEGURIDAD RADIOLÓGICA, FÍSICA Y SALVAGUARDIAS, and the license applicants. Furthermore, publication in the BOLETÍN OFICIAL de la REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA ensures public awareness.


Navigating the regulatory framework of nuclear activities demands precision and adherence to established protocols. The Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety and compliance within Argentina’s nuclear sector.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the role of the Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear (ARN) in Argentina?


The ARN oversees nuclear regulatory activities, ensuring compliance with safety standards and issuing licenses and permits.

2. How are regulatory decisions communicated to stakeholders?

Resolutions such as 80/2024 are disseminated through official channels, including notifications to relevant parties and publication in official bulletins.

3. What are the legal foundations governing nuclear activities in Argentina?

Ley Nacional de la Actividad Nuclear N° 24.804 and its regulatory decree, Decreto Reglamentario N° 1390/98, provide the legal framework for nuclear operations.

4. Who is involved in the regulatory process besides the Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear (ARN)?

Entities such as the GERENCIAS ASUNTOS JURÍDICOS and ASUNTOS ADMINISTRATIVOS Y RECURSOS contribute interventions and administrative support.

5. How does Resolution 80/2024 impact nuclear operations in Argentina?

Resolution 80/2024 facilitates the granting of operation licenses, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and promoting safety in medical applications of nuclear materials.

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