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Understanding Decree 154/2024: An Insight into Foreign Service

Deciphering the Background

In the bustling city of Buenos Aires, on the 19th of February 2024, Decree 154/2024 was enacted, signaling a significant change in the foreign service landscape. Let’s delve into what this decree entails and its implications.

The Appointment of Marcelo Alejandro NIMO

By the previous decree, No. 227/23, Marcelo Alejandro NIMO was designated as the Specialized Attaché in the area of Production and Investments at the Embassy of Argentina in Spain.

The Need for Streamlining

The rationale behind Decree 154/2024 stems from the imperative to enhance the efficiency of the National State’s operations and optimize both human and financial resources. Thus, it necessitates the cessation of Marcelo Alejandro NIMO from his aforementioned role.

Legal Considerations and Intervention

Juridical Oversight

The Ministry of Economy’s permanent legal advisory service has duly intervened in this matter, ensuring adherence to legal protocols and due process.

Constitutional Authority

The enactment of this decree falls within the purview of the powers conferred by Article 99, section 7 of the National Constitution, granting the President authority to enact such measures.

Decree in Action

Dismissal of Marcelo Alejandro NIMO

Article 1 of Decree 154/2024 expressly mandates the cessation of Marcelo Alejandro NIMO (ID No. 26.663.162) from his position as Specialized Attaché in the area of Production and Investments at the Embassy of Argentina in Spain.

Procedural Formalities

Furthermore, Article 2 instructs the communication, publication, and archiving of this decree by the National Directorate of the Official Registry, ensuring its legal effect and documentation.


In conclusion, Decree 154/2024 signifies a pivotal moment in the realm of foreign service, reflecting the government’s commitment to operational efficiency and resource optimization.


  1. What prompted the enactment of Decree 154/2024?

    The decree aims to enhance operational efficiency and optimize resources in the National State’s foreign service operations.

  2. Who is affected by Decree 154/2024?

    Marcelo Alejandro NIMO, the Specialized Attaché at the Embassy of Argentina in Spain, is directly impacted by this decree.

  3. What legal considerations were taken into account?

    The Ministry of Economy’s legal advisory service ensured compliance with legal procedures, and the decree operates within the constitutional framework.

  4. What is the significance of Article 1 in Decree 154/2024?

    Article 1 mandates the cessation of Marcelo Alejandro NIMO from his position at the Embassy of Argentina in Spain.

  5. How does Decree 154/2024 contribute to governmental objectives?

    By optimizing resources and enhancing efficiency, the decree aligns with the government’s objective of improving the functioning of the National State.

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