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Transforming the Superintendencia de Servicios de Salud: Streamlining Healthcare Registration in Argentina

In the complex world of healthcare administration, efficiency and effectiveness are key to ensuring the smooth operation of healthcare systems. In this article, we explore the recent resolution, 232/2024, issued by the Superintendencia de Servicios de Salud (SSS), which aims to streamline the registration process for healthcare entities in Argentina.

Understanding the Context

The resolution, 232/2024, is rooted in a series of legislative and regulatory frameworks, including Laws No. 23.660, No. 23.661, and No. 26.682, as well as various decrees and ministerial resolutions. These laws and regulations establish the foundation for the operation of healthcare systems and entities within Argentina.

Evolution of Regulatory Landscape

Over time, amendments and updates have been introduced to adapt to evolving healthcare needs and regulatory requirements. Notably, Decree No. 70/23 brought significant changes, incorporating entities under Law No. 26.682 into the National Health Insurance System.

Rationale for Change

The transformation of the Registro Nacional de Obras Sociales (RNOS) into the Registro Nacional de Agentes del Seguro (RNAS) aligns with the terminology outlined in Law No. 23.661, reflecting the evolving landscape of healthcare insurance entities.

Streamlining Processes

Efficiency and agility are paramount in administrative processes, particularly when it comes to healthcare registration. The resolution aims to simplify and expedite procedures, ensuring timely access to essential services.

Key Provisions of Resolution 232/2024

Let’s delve into the significant changes introduced by Resolution 232/2024:

  1. Modification of Registry Name: The resolution modifies the name from RNOS to RNAS, aligning with updated terminology and reflecting the broader scope of insurance agents.
  2. Application for Registration: Entities falling under Law No. 26.682 seeking to utilize healthcare funds must apply for registration in RNAS, complying with the stipulations of Law No. 23.660.
  3. Prerequisite for Registration: Entities must possess definitive or provisional registration in the Registro Nacional de Entidades Medicina Prepaga (RNEMP) before applying for RNAS registration.
  4. Documentation Requirements: Alongside the application, entities must submit detailed information and documentation as specified in the resolution.

Implementation and Implications

The resolution introduces a streamlined process for registration, leveraging digital platforms for efficient handling of applications. By ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and expediting procedures, the resolution aims to facilitate timely access to healthcare services.



Resolution 232/2024 marks a significant step towards modernizing healthcare administration in Argentina. By aligning with evolving regulatory frameworks and streamlining processes, the resolution paves the way for enhanced efficiency and accessibility in the healthcare sector.


Who does Resolution 232/2024 impact? Resolution 232/2024 affects entities falling under Law No. 26.682 seeking registration in the healthcare insurance system.

What are the key changes introduced by the resolution? The resolution modifies the name of the registry, introduces streamlined registration processes, and specifies documentation requirements.

How does Resolution 232/2024 enhance efficiency? By leveraging digital platforms and simplifying procedures, the resolution aims to expedite the registration process, ensuring timely access to healthcare services.

What is the significance of aligning terminology with Law No. 23.661? Aligning with the terminology of relevant laws ensures consistency and clarity in regulatory frameworks, facilitating better understanding and compliance.

Where can entities access the application process mentioned in the resolution? The application process for registration is available on the Trámites a Distancia (TAD) platform on the Superintendencia de Servicios de Salud website.

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