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Transforming Military Intelligence: Appointment of a New Director

Background and Legal Framework

In a significant administrative move, the Ministry of Defense has appointed a new Director of Military Strategic Intelligence. This decision, outlined in Administrative Decision 98/2024, marks a pivotal moment in enhancing the nation’s defense capabilities. The appointment of a new Director is supported by various legislative instruments and administrative directives, including Law No. 27.701, Decrees No. 2098, No. 355, and No. 88.

Transition and Interim Appointment

With the enactment of Decree No. 88/23, the provisions of Law No. 27.701 came into effect from January 1, 2024. This decree aligns the ministry’s operations with the national budgetary framework, as mandated by the laws governing financial administration. Decree No. 355/17 outlines the process for interim appointments in positions below the rank of Undersecretary. The Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers makes such appointments, including the Director of Military Strategic Intelligence, based on proposals from the relevant jurisdiction or entity.

Organizational Structure and Operational Framework

The organizational structure of the Ministry of Defense, up to the level of the Undersecretary, is approved by Decree No. 6/24. Additionally, Administrative Decision No. 286/20 establishes the organizational structure at the operational level within the ministry. These frameworks provide a structure for the ministry’s functioning.

Appointment Details

The appointment of Marco Alberto CONSTENLA as the interim Director of Military Strategic Intelligence is outlined in Article 1 of Administrative Decision 98/2024. CONSTENLA’s appointment, effective from December 11, 2023, spans a period of one hundred and eighty (180) business days. This appointment falls under Level A – Grade 0 of the Collective Labor Agreement for Public Sector Employees (SINEP), as sanctioned by Decree No. 2098/08.

Temporary Nature of Appointment

It’s crucial to note that CONSTENLA’s appointment is temporary and does not involve the allocation of extraordinary resources. This decision aligns with the provisions of the Collective Labor Agreement and is exempt from certain stipulations outlined therein.


Future Considerations

Article 2 of the administrative decision outlines the process for filling the vacant position permanently. Within one hundred and eighty (180) business days from December 11, 2023, the ministry will adhere to the existing selection criteria and procedures specified in the Collective Labor Agreement.

Financial Implications

The expenses incurred due to this administrative decision will be covered by the allocated budget within the Ministry of Defense’s jurisdiction.


The appointment of a new Director of Military Strategic Intelligence underscores the government’s commitment to bolstering national defense. This decision, made in accordance with established legal frameworks, signifies a strategic step towards strengthening the nation’s security apparatus.

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