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Transforming Government Actions: Appointment of a Subsecretary in Argentina – An Insight into Decree 145/2024

Understanding the Decree

In a recent governmental decree issued by the President of Argentina, significant changes have been made within the Ministry of Infrastructure. Let’s delve into the details of Decree 145/2024 and its implications.

Key Points of the Decree

  • Appointment of Sebastián Miguel PAREJA: Effective from December 28, 2023, Sebastián Miguel Pareja, an accomplished lawyer with identification number 24.963.016, has been appointed as the Subsecretary of Socio-urban Integration. This appointment falls under the jurisdiction of the Secretariat of Territorial Development, Habitat, and Housing.
  • Official Communication: The decree emphasizes the necessity of communication, publication, and archival procedures to ensure transparency and compliance with legal protocols.

Significance of the Appointment

This appointment holds immense significance for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Argentine government as a whole. It reflects a strategic move towards enhancing socio-urban integration policies and initiatives.


Decree 145/2024 signifies a proactive step by the Argentine government to streamline and strengthen its administrative framework, particularly within the Ministry of Infrastructure. The appointment of Sebastián Miguel Pareja underscores the commitment to effective governance and socio-urban development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the objective behind Decree 145/2024?

The decree aims to appoint a Subsecretary of Socio-urban Integration within the Ministry of Infrastructure to enhance governance and development efforts.

Who is Sebastián Miguel Pareja?

Sebastián Miguel Pareja is a qualified lawyer who has been appointed as the Subsecretary of Socio-urban Integration.


When did Decree 145/2024 come into effect?

The decree came into effect on February 15, 2024, with immediate action following the appointment.

What departments are involved in this decree?

The Secretariat of Territorial Development, Habitat, and Housing is directly involved in implementing the provisions of this decree.

How does this decree contribute to governmental transparency?

By emphasizing communication, publication, and archival procedures, the decree ensures transparency and adherence to legal protocols.

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