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The Departure of Ing. Osvaldo Guillermo MENA from INSTITUTO NACIONAL DEL AGUA: A Significant Event

In a recent development at the INSTITUTO NACIONAL DEL AGUA, the resignation of Ing. Osvaldo Guillermo MENA has caught the attention of many. Let’s delve into the details of this significant event and its implications.

Understanding the Circumstances Surrounding the Resignation

The resignation of Ing. Osvaldo Guillermo MENA, effective from January 1st, 2024, from his position as Subgerente of the Subgerencia Laboratorio de Hidrología of the Gerencia de Programas y Proyectos, marks a pivotal moment for the institute. This decision, indicated in the official documentation, signifies a shift in personnel dynamics within the organization.

Key Factors Leading to the Resignation

Decisión Administrativa N° 153/2021: Ing. Osvaldo Guillermo MENA was appointed to his role as Subgerente of Servicios Hidrológicos back in December 2020. This initial appointment laid the groundwork for his subsequent involvement within the institute.

Decisión Administrativa N° 744/19 and its Modifications: The organizational structure of the INSTITUTO NACIONAL DEL AGUA underwent changes, including the approval and subsequent modifications outlined in Decisión Administrativa N° 744/19 and its amendments, which affected Ing. Osvaldo Guillermo MENA’s role directly.

Renunciation Process

Through formal channels, Ing. Osvaldo Guillermo MENA submitted his resignation, initiating a series of administrative procedures. The involvement of relevant departments, such as the Subgerencia de Recursos Humanos and Gerencia de Programas y Proyectos, underscores the institutional process.

Acceptance and Acknowledgment

The acceptance of Ing. Osvaldo Guillermo MENA’s resignation, coupled with gratitude for his services rendered during his tenure, reflects the professionalism and respect within the institute towards departing members.

Legal Basis and Conclusion

The resolution of this matter is grounded in legal frameworks, as delineated by the Ley N° 20.126 and Decreto N° 881/2020. With this resolution, the INSTITUTO NACIONAL DEL AGUA moves forward, acknowledging the contributions of its personnel while adapting to organizational changes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What prompted Ing. Osvaldo Guillermo MENA’s resignation?

Ing. Osvaldo Guillermo MENA’s resignation stemmed from personal or professional reasons, details of which remain confidential.

How will the vacancy be filled?

The process of filling the vacancy left by Ing. Osvaldo Guillermo MENA will involve internal assessments and potential recruitment efforts.

What impact will this resignation have on ongoing projects?

The institute is committed to ensuring continuity in its operations and projects, with contingency plans in place to mitigate any disruptions.

Are there any foreseeable changes in the organizational structure?

While specific details are not disclosed, organizational adjustments may occur in response to evolving needs and priorities.

How does this resignation align with the institute’s objectives and mission?

The resignation is part of the institute’s broader operational landscape, reflecting its adaptability to personnel changes while upholding its mission and goals.

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