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Streamlining Legal Processes: The Appointment of Officials of Justice “AD HOC”

In the realm of legal procedures, efficiency and adherence to regulations are paramount. Recently, there have been modifications to Article 95 of Law 11.683, along with additional provisions outlined in Decree 1397/79. These amendments have introduced the concept of appointing officials of Justice “AD HOC.”

The Rationale Behind the Appointment

Why are these appointments necessary? The legislation empowers the designation of “AD HOC” officials, streamlining legal proceedings. But who initiates these appointments? Myrian Noemí AGUZÍN, acting Chief of the Agency in Posadas, has proposed the appointment of Luis Roberto GUIFFRE as an Officer of Justice “Ad Hoc.” His task? Handling fiscal execution lawsuits in the Federal Courts of Paso de los Libres and Corrientes.

Operational Considerations

How do operational needs factor into this decision? The Regional Directorate in Posadas has endorsed the proposed appointment, recognizing its operational significance. This endorsement underscores the importance of ensuring smooth legal processes within the designated regions.

Legal Mandate and Authority

What legal authority supports these appointments? Under the powers vested by Articles 4 and 6 of Decree No. 618 of July 10, 1997, it is imperative to act accordingly. Thus, the Director (Interim) of the Regional Directorate in Posadas, part of the General Tax Directorate, issues the following directive.

Directive Details

Appointment of Luis Roberto GUIFFRE: Luis Roberto GUIFFRE, bearing ID No. 14.528.006 and File No. 037813/40, is appointed as an Officer of Justice “Ad Hoc.” His responsibility includes managing fiscal execution lawsuits in the Federal Courts of Paso de los Libres and Corrientes (Province of Corrientes).

Compliance Requirement: The designated officer must explicitly accept the position, as outlined in the relevant decree appended to Article 62 of Decree No. 1.397/79 (incorporated by Decree No. 65/2005).

Administrative Procedures: This directive mandates registration, notification to the concerned parties, publication, intervention by the National Directorate of the Official Registry, and archiving upon completion.


In conclusion, the appointment of officials of Justice “AD HOC” signifies a strategic move towards enhancing legal efficiency. By appointing individuals like Luis Roberto GUIFFRE, equipped with the necessary authority and responsibility, the legal system aims for smoother execution of fiscal lawsuits.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does “AD HOC” mean in legal terms?

“AD HOC” refers to officials appointed for specific purposes or cases, outside of regular appointments.


Who initiates the appointment of officials of Justice “AD HOC”?

The initiation typically comes from relevant authorities or agencies, recognizing the need for specialized roles in certain legal proceedings.

Why is compliance crucial for appointed officials?

Compliance ensures that appointed officials formally accept their roles, committing to fulfill their duties as prescribed by law.

What administrative procedures follow such appointments?

Administrative procedures include registration, notification to concerned parties, publication, intervention by regulatory bodies, and archival upon completion.

How do these appointments impact legal processes in designated regions?

These appointments aim to streamline legal proceedings, ensuring efficient management of specific cases within designated jurisdictions.

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