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Shakeup at Banco de Inversion y Comercio Exterior: New Faces Take the Helm

Winds of Change: Decree 86/2024

In a surprising turn of events, the Banco de Inversion y Comercio Exterior Sociedad Anónima (BICE) has undergone a significant transformation. Let’s dive into the recent presidential decree and the key appointments that promise to reshape the financial landscape.

New Leadership Unveiled

In a move that signals a shift in the leadership dynamics of BICE, the President of Argentina has wielded the power granted by Article 99, inciso 7 of the CONSTITUCIÓN NACIONAL. Let’s break down the key players in this financial makeover.

Juan Manuel Troncoso Iriarte: The New Captain of the Ship

The decree designates Juan Manuel Troncoso Iriarte, a seasoned economist with a background in business, as the new President of BICE. With a D.N.I. number of 27.119.685, Troncoso Iriarte is set to steer the ship through uncharted waters.

Patricio Luis Milic: Taking on the Vice Presidency

Joining Troncoso Iriarte in this leadership overhaul is Patricio Luis Milic, a certified public accountant with the D.N.I. number 21.843.123. Milic steps into the role of Vice President, bringing his financial expertise to the forefront.

A New Board of Directors

The decree also introduces a fresh lineup for the Directorial positions, promising a strategic vision for BICE.

Roberto Dante Balduzzi

Roberto Dante Balduzzi, a certified public accountant with D.N.I. number 16.777.492, assumes the role of Director Titular with a mandate spanning the fiscal years 2024 and 2025.


Nicolás José Scioli

Nicolás José Scioli, a business administrator with D.N.I. number 23.969.432, joins as another Director Titular, contributing his administrative skills for the same tenure.

Ernesto Juan Marti Reta

Ernesto Juan Marti Reta, a legal expert with D.N.I. number 20.794.173, is appointed as a Director Titular, ensuring legal acumen within the board for the fiscal years 2024 and 2025.

Marina Silvia Calocero

Marina Silvia Calocero, a certified public accountant with D.N.I. number 29.394.295, rounds off the board as a Director Titular, with a mandate extending through the fiscal years 2024 and 2025.

The Ripple Effect

With these significant appointments, the financial community is buzzing with anticipation. The impact of this shakeup is likely to reverberate not only within BICE but also across the broader economic landscape of Argentina.

Closing Thoughts

As the ink dries on Decree 86/2024, the stage is set for a new chapter in the story of Banco de Inversion y Comercio Exterior Sociedad Anónima. The blend of seasoned professionals in economics, finance, law, and administration promises a holistic approach to steer BICE through the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Stay tuned as these new leaders navigate the complexities of the financial sea, and we witness the unfolding of a transformative era for BICE.

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