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SENASA Extends Duties and Announces Job Opening: Here’s the Scoop!

Alright, folks, let’s dive into some official bureaucratic jargon, but fear not, we’ll make it as painless as possible. So, recently, there’s been a resolution buzzing around the National Service of Health and Agri-Food Quality (SENASA). Yep, that’s what we’re talking about today.

Extending Duties

First up, we’ve got a little something about extending responsibilities. The President of SENASA has decided to extend the temporary assignment of duties to someone named Lucila Andrea Soledad Piscicelli. She’s been rocking the role of General Administrative Coordinator at the Administrative and Financial Services Directorate, which falls under SENASA’s Technical and Administrative General Directorate. This extension lasts for a cool six months, starting from February 13, 2024. Talk about keeping busy, right?

Keeping the Wheels Turning

Now, let’s rewind a bit. This gig for Lucila actually started back in 2020, thanks to a resolution from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries. It’s been extended a bunch of times since then, with the latest extension stretching back to August 12, 2023. That’s some serious dedication if you ask me.

Job Opening Alert

But wait, there’s more! With Lucila’s term extension, there’s also talk about filling her shoes when her time’s up. According to the resolution, they’re going to go through a selection process within a cool 180 days from the date of this resolution. So, if you’re in the market for a new job and happen to have the right qualifications, keep an eye out for that announcement.


Budget Talk

Of course, nothing in the bureaucratic world happens without a little money talk. The expenses for all this jazz will come from the budget of SENASA for the current fiscal year. Gotta keep those financial wheels greased, am I right?

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it, folks! Another day, another resolution from the bigwigs over at SENASA. Now, let’s see what else is brewing in the world of agriculture and health. Until next time, stay curious!

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