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Revolutionizing Disciplinary Procedures at Prof. Dr. Juan P. Garrahan Pediatric Hospital

Enhancing Disciplinary Procedures for Effective Administration

In the bustling halls of Prof. Dr. Juan P. Garrahan Pediatric Hospital, a significant change is underway. The recent resolution, 1728/2023, marks a pivotal moment in the hospital’s history, reshaping disciplinary procedures to ensure smooth operations and effective governance.

Modernizing Legal Frameworks

With the evolution of time, outdated disciplinary norms required a fresh perspective. The resolution acknowledges this need and embraces modern legal frameworks to streamline investigations and maintain administrative order.

Adapting to Technological Advancements

In today’s digital age, embracing technological advancements is imperative. The resolution acknowledges this by incorporating electronic documentation systems, facilitating remote notifications, and enabling virtual hearings.

Protecting Workplace Integrity

The resolution goes beyond administrative efficiency, prioritizing the well-being of hospital staff. It introduces mechanisms to address workplace violence and harassment, aligning with international conventions and national legislation.

Unified Sanctioning Standards

To ensure fairness and transparency, the resolution establishes uniform sanctioning standards, providing clarity on the types of disciplinary actions and their applications. This move aims to uphold due process and safeguard individuals’ rights.

Implementation and Enforcement

Effective from November 1, 2023, the new disciplinary regulations will govern ongoing cases, bringing clarity and consistency to proceedings. The resolution’s enforcement underscores the hospital’s commitment to accountability and professionalism.


In essence, resolution 1728/2023 heralds a new era of disciplinary governance at Prof. Dr. Juan P. Garrahan Pediatric Hospital. By embracing modernization, safeguarding employee welfare, and promoting transparency, the hospital paves the way for a more efficient and equitable work environment.



1. How will the resolution impact ongoing disciplinary cases?

The resolution will govern ongoing cases, ensuring they adhere to the updated standards while respecting previously established timelines.

2. What measures are in place to address workplace violence and harassment?

The resolution incorporates provisions from international conventions and national laws, providing mechanisms to protect staff from such incidents.

3. Will the resolution affect employee rights during disciplinary proceedings?

Absolutely not. The resolution emphasizes upholding due process and ensuring the right to a fair hearing for all employees.

4. How will the hospital ensure the effective implementation of electronic documentation systems?

The hospital will conduct training sessions and provide necessary resources to staff to ensure seamless integration and utilization of electronic systems.

5. Who can access the full text of resolution 1728/2023?

The resolution is publicly available and can be accessed through official channels, ensuring transparency and accessibility to all stakeholders.

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