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Revamping Foreign Affairs: A Decree for Recognition

In the bustling city of Buenos Aires on February 19, 2024, a significant decree was issued, known as Decree 151/2024. This decree, a modification of Decree No. 703/2022, emanates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Worship, aiming to streamline and expand certain provisions regarding prestigious honors.

Exploring Historical Context

Delving into historical roots, Decree-Law No. 16.628/57 birthed the distinguished “ORDER OF THE LIBERATOR SAN MARTÍN,” exclusively honoring foreign officials, civilian or military, who significantly contribute to the nation’s honor and recognition. Similarly, Decree-Law No. 16.629/57 established the “ORDER OF MAY,” exclusively recognizing foreign civilians and military personnel for outstanding personal services and merits.

Clarification of Processes

Procedures for conferring these decorations were meticulously outlined, designating the Grand Master of the Order, the esteemed President of the Nation, responsible for the conferment, subject to regulatory formalities.

Grades and Titles

The degrees of these honors were elaborated in subsequent articles and regulations, ensuring a structured framework for conferral.

Amplifying Authorization

Decree No. 703/22 initially authorized the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Worship, as the Grand Chancellor of the Order, to confer decorations related to the “ORDER OF THE LIBERATOR SAN MARTÍN” and the “ORDER OF MAY.” However, recognizing the need for procedural efficiency, Decree 151/2024 extends this authorization to include additional titles and grades specified within the relevant laws.

Interdepartmental Involvement

Noteworthy is the involvement of various departments within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Worship, underscoring the significance and collaborative nature of this decree.

Legal Considerations

Legal entities within the Ministry have also played pivotal roles, ensuring the decree’s compliance with constitutional provisions and legal frameworks.

Presidential Decree

Ultimately, in accordance with constitutional mandates, the President of Argentina decrees the amendments outlined within Decree 151/2024.



Decree 151/2024 represents a significant stride in refining and broadening the scope of honors conferred by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Worship, reflecting the nation’s commitment to recognition and diplomacy.


1. Who can receive the “ORDER OF THE LIBERATOR SAN MARTÍN” and the “ORDER OF MAY”?

These honors are exclusively bestowed upon foreign officials, civilians, and military personnel who have demonstrated exceptional service and merit.

2. What role does the President play in the conferment of decorations?

The President, serving as the Grand Master of the Order, is responsible for conferring these honors, subject to regulatory formalities.

3. How are the degrees of these honors determined?

The degrees are specified within the relevant decrees and regulations, outlining the criteria for conferral.

4. Why was Decree 151/2024 deemed necessary?

Decree 151/2024 was necessary to streamline processes and expand authorization for conferring honors, ensuring procedural efficiency.

5. What is the significance of interdepartmental involvement?

Interdepartmental involvement underscores the collaborative effort and significance of the decree within the Ministry.

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