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Restrictions on Temporary Appointment of José Gabriel MIGUELES CHAZARRETA: What You Need to Know

Introduction: Understanding the Resolution 22/2024

In the bustling city of Buenos Aires, a significant resolution was passed on 29/02/2024. This resolution, numbered 22/2024 and bearing the acronym RESOL-2024-22-APN-JGM, holds crucial implications for the administrative landscape. Let’s delve into its intricacies.

Decoding the Context

A Glimpse into the Past

Examining the historical backdrop, numerous legislative documents paved the way for Resolution 22/2024. Decrees such as N° 101 (16/01/1985) and its subsequent amendments, alongside others like N° 2098 (03/12/2008), N° 355 (22/05/2017), N° 50 (19/12/2019), N° 157 (14/02/2020), and N° 45 (14/12/2023), laid the groundwork.

Administrative Milestones

Furthermore, administrative decisions like N° 379 (19/04/2021), N° 700 (14/07/2021), and N° 589 (19/07/2023), along with resolutions such as N° 8 (20/01/2022), N° 211 (17/10/2022), and N° 139 (22/06/2023), from the AGENCY OF NATIONAL PROMOTION OF RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT, AND INNOVATION, play pivotal roles.

Unveiling the Resolution: Key Points

The Core Content

  • Homologation of Collective Agreement: Decree N° 2098 (03/12/2008) and its amendments sanctioned the Collective Labor Agreement for the Personnel of the NATIONAL PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT SYSTEM (SINEP).
  • Appointment Procedures: Decree N° 355 (22/05/2017) and its amendment delineated the protocol for temporary appointments in governmental positions, specifying the authority of the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers.
  • Organizational Structure: Decree N° 50 (19/12/2019) and its amendments endorsed the Organizational Chart of the National Administration up to the Sub-secretariat level, defining the jurisdictional domains for decentralized bodies.
  • Formation of an Agency: Decree N° 157 (14/02/2020) established the AGENCY OF NATIONAL PROMOTION OF RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT, AND INNOVATION as a decentralized entity under the former MINISTRY OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, AND INNOVATION.
  • Administrative Framework: Administrative Decision N° 379 (19/04/2021) approved the organizational structure of the AGENCY OF NATIONAL PROMOTION OF RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT, AND INNOVATION, subject to modifications by Decision N° 589 (19/07/2023).

Personnel Appointments

  • Interim Appointment: Administrative Decision N° 700 (14/07/2021) designated Mr. José Gabriel MIGUELES CHAZARRETA as Director General of Administration on a temporary basis.
  • Extension of Tenure: Resolutions N° 8 (20/01/2022), N° 211 (17/10/2022), and N° 139 (22/06/2023) extended Mr. MIGUELES CHAZARRETA’s appointment in the aforementioned role.

Resolution Implications

With the issuance of Resolution 22/2024, effective from 20/01/2024, Mr. José Gabriel MIGUELES CHAZARRETA’s temporary appointment as Director General of Administration is curtailed. This resolution aligns the organizational dynamics within the purview of the CHIEF OF CABINET OF MINISTERS.

Conclusion: A Step towards Administrative Clarity

In conclusion, Resolution 22/2024 marks a significant stride in streamlining administrative protocols and delineating organizational hierarchies. By restricting the tenure of Mr. José Gabriel MIGUELES CHAZARRETA, it fosters transparency and efficiency within governmental frameworks.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why was Resolution 22/2024 enacted?


Resolution 22/2024 aims to regulate temporary appointments within the governmental sector, ensuring organizational coherence and transparency.

What is the significance of Mr. MIGUELES CHAZARRETA’s appointment?

Mr. MIGUELES CHAZARRETA’s appointment reflects the evolving landscape of administrative roles within the AGENCY OF NATIONAL PROMOTION OF RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT, AND INNOVATION.

How does Resolution 22/2024 impact organizational dynamics?

By limiting Mr. MIGUELES CHAZARRETA’s tenure, Resolution 22/2024 redefines the administrative structure, aligning it with the directives of the CHIEF OF CABINET OF MINISTERS.

Are there any precedents for such resolutions?

Yes, resolutions like these are common in governmental settings, aiming to ensure accountability and adherence to established protocols.

What steps can be taken post-Resolution 22/2024?

Post-Resolution 22/2024, it is imperative to enact transparent appointment procedures and uphold organizational integrity within governmental entities.

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