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President of National Service of Health and Food Quality Extends Temporary Appointment

Hey there, folks! If you’ve been keeping tabs on the latest happenings, you might have heard about the recent resolution from the National Service of Health and Food Quality (SENASA). Let’s dive into the details!

So, here’s the deal: The big boss over at SENASA, the President, has just signed off on a resolution extending a temporary appointment. Starting from February 24, 2023, and lasting for a solid 180 business days, they’re keeping Mr. Mariano Nicolás COLOMBO onboard as the Coordinator of Health and Safety at Work. Sounds like a big responsibility, right?

Now, let’s rewind a bit. This whole gig was set in motion by a decision back in 2022, and it’s been rolling along ever since. Mr. COLOMBO’s been doing his thing under the Directorate of Human Resources, a part of SENASA. And hey, they’re giving him the green light to keep at it for a while longer.

In case you’re wondering what Mr. COLOMBO’s up to, he’s handling all things related to safety and hygiene at work. That’s no small task, let me tell you. And to make it official, he’s slotted into the Administrative Group, Professional Category, Grade 13, General Range. Phew, that’s a mouthful!


But wait, there’s more. SENASA isn’t just kicking back and letting things ride. Nope, they’ve got plans. According to the resolution, they’ve got 180 days to fill Mr. COLOMBO’s shoes once he moves on. Gotta keep the gears turning, right?

Now, you might be wondering about the money side of things. Well, fear not, because SENASA’s got it covered. They’re dipping into their budget to make sure everything runs smoothly. No penny-pinching here!

And there you have it, folks! Another day, another resolution from SENASA. So, if you happen to bump into Mr. COLOMBO, give him a nod of appreciation for keeping our workplaces safe and sound. Until next time, stay informed and stay safe!

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