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New Subsecretary of Cyber Defense Appointed by Argentine Ministry of Defense

A New Chapter Unfolds: Decree 227/2024

In a move that underscores the government’s commitment to bolstering its cyber defense capabilities, President of Argentina, Alfredo Raúl Parodi has decreed the appointment of a new Subsecretary of Ciberdefensa (Cyber Defense). This decision, enshrined in Decree 227/2024, marks a pivotal moment in Argentina’s approach to safeguarding its digital infrastructure.

The Legal Backbone: Article 99 of the National Constitution

President Parodi’s decree finds its legal basis in Article 99, Section 7 of the National Constitution of Argentina. This article outlines the powers vested in the President to make appointments to key positions within the government, ensuring the smooth functioning of administrative machinery.

Meet the New Subsecretario: Alfredo Raúl Parodi

Taking up the mantle of Subsecretario de Ciberdefensa is none other than engineer Alfredo Raúl Parodi. With his credentials and expertise, Parodi steps into this crucial role poised to lead Argentina’s efforts in combating cyber threats and securing its digital borders.

A Strategic Portfolio: Subsecretaría de Ciberdefensa

Alfredo Raúl Parodi’s appointment places him at the helm of the Subsecretaría de Ciberdefensa within the Secretaría de Estrategia y Asuntos Militares of the Ministerio de Defensa. This strategic portfolio underscores the significance of cyber defense in the broader framework of national security.


Effective Date and Administrative Formalities

Effective from February 27, 2024, Parodi assumes his responsibilities as Subsecretario de Ciberdefensa. The decree mandates the dissemination of this decision through official channels, including publication in the DIRECCIÓN NACIONAL DEL REGISTRO OFICIAL, ensuring transparency and adherence to administrative protocols.

Conclusion: A Step Forward in Cybersecurity

As Argentina navigates the complexities of the digital age, the appointment of Alfredo Raúl Parodi signifies a proactive stance in fortifying the nation’s cyber defense apparatus. With cyber threats evolving rapidly, the government’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Parodi’s leadership promises to steer Argentina towards a safer, more resilient cyber landscape, safeguarding its interests in an interconnected world.

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