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New Leadership Announced in Argentina’s Ministry of Human Capital

New Leadership Announced in Argentina’s Ministry of Human Capital

In a recent decree issued by the President of Argentina, significant appointments have been made within the Ministry of Human Capital, marking a new era in the country’s approach to social and familial policies.

A Shift in Leadership

The decree, officially named Decreto 190/2024, outlines the appointment of key figures within the Ministry, aiming to bolster efforts in areas concerning family, adolescence, and community development.

Meet the New Subsecretaries

Starting January 1, 2024, Ana Belén Marmora, an accomplished lawyer with a D.N.I. number 36.194.729, steps into the role of Subsecretary of Family Policies within the National Secretariat for Childhood, Adolescence, and Family. This appointment highlights a dedication to strengthening familial bonds and supporting the well-being of families across Argentina.

Simultaneously, Maria Lucía Raskovsky, holding a D.N.I. number 34.412.167, assumes the position of Subsecretary of Territorial Policies and Human Development within the same Secretariat. With her legal background and a passion for community growth, Raskovsky is poised to lead initiatives that promote human development on a territorial level, ensuring that no region is left behind.


A Vision for the Future

These appointments signal a clear vision for the future of Argentina, one that prioritizes the welfare of its citizens and the advancement of social policies aimed at fostering stronger, more resilient communities.


As Argentina moves forward under this new leadership, eyes are on Marmora and Raskovsky to drive positive change and enact policies that will leave a lasting impact on the nation’s human capital. With their expertise and dedication, the Ministry of Human Capital is poised to embark on a transformative journey towards a brighter, more inclusive future for all Argentinians.

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