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New Director Appointed to Oversee Document Evaluation at the General Secretariat

In a recent decree issued by the Argentine President, a new appointment has been made within the General Secretariat of the Presidency. Let’s delve into the details and implications of this significant development.

A Closer Look at the Decree
The decree, numbered 213/2024, appoints Dr. Liliana Haydée CLEMENT as the Director of Document Evaluation at the General Secretariat. This appointment comes in the wake of various legislative enactments, including Law No. 27.701 and several related decrees.

Understanding the Context
To grasp the significance of this appointment, it’s crucial to understand the broader context. The decree refers to previous enactments, such as Decree No. 88/23, which stipulates the implementation of provisions from Law No. 27.701 starting January 1, 2024. This law pertains to the General Budget of the National Administration. Additionally, Decree No. 355/17 outlines the process for temporary appointments in permanent and non-scaling positions within the Presidential jurisdiction. It specifies that such appointments are to be made by the President himself.

The Role of the General Secretariat
The General Secretariat plays a pivotal role in facilitating the activities of the President. Decree No. 8/23 emphasizes this by assigning various tasks to the Secretariat, ensuring smooth functioning at the highest levels of government.

Organizational Structure and Responsibilities
Decree No. 5/24 approved the organizational structure of the National Administration, including the General Secretariat. It delineates the operational levels and objectives, providing a framework for effective governance.


Filling Vacancies
With the need to fill the vacant position of Director of Document Evaluation, the decree authorizes Dr. Liliana Haydée CLEMENT’s temporary appointment. This appointment, valid for 180 business days starting February 1, 2024, aligns with the relevant collective bargaining agreement.

Ensuring Compliance and Accountability
The decree underscores the importance of adhering to existing selection procedures and criteria outlined in the collective bargaining agreement. It sets a deadline of 180 business days from February 1, 2024, for filling the vacancy permanently.

Financial Implications
Financing for the implementation of the decree will be sourced from specific budget allocations within the jurisdiction of the General Secretariat.

In conclusion, the appointment of Dr. Liliana Haydée CLEMENT as the Director of Document Evaluation at the General Secretariat marks a significant step in ensuring efficient governance and organizational effectiveness within the Argentine administration. As she assumes her new role, Dr. CLEMENT will play a crucial part in upholding the standards of documentation evaluation and contributing to the smooth functioning of governmental processes.

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