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National Communications Entity Revokes Data Transmission Services License

National Communications Entity Cancels Data Transmission Services License

In a recent move by the National Communications Entity, the license for providing data transmission and value-added services to Mr. Pablo Damián Pomeranec has been revoked. This decision, outlined in Resolution 47/2024, signifies a significant shift in the telecommunications landscape.

Intervening for Change

The National Communications Entity (ENACOM), under the leadership of Juan Martin Ozores as Interventor, is taking proactive steps to regulate the sector effectively. The cancellation of the license for Mr. Pomeranec is one such step towards ensuring transparency and integrity in the telecommunications industry.

Cancellation Details

The resolution explicitly states the cancellation of the license and registration for providing data transmission and value-added services to Mr. Pablo Damián Pomeranec. This action, as per Article 1 of the resolution, will come into effect from July 31, 2012.

The concerned party, Mr. Pomeranec, will be duly notified of this decision. Additionally, the decision will be communicated to relevant departments, published in extract, and forwarded to the National Official Registry Office for further dissemination.


Transparency and Access

For those seeking further details, the complete version of Resolution 47/2024 is available on the ENACOM website: This commitment to transparency ensures that stakeholders have access to pertinent information regarding regulatory decisions.

Closing Thoughts

As Maria Florencia Torres Brizuela, an analyst at the Despatch Area, signs off on this communication, it is evident that ENACOM is committed to ensuring the integrity and efficacy of telecommunications services in the nation. Stay tuned for further developments in this dynamic sector.

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