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Ministry of Security Halts Football Hooligans: A Legal Playbook Unveiled 2024

Tackling Turmoil: Ministry of Security Cracks Down on Football Hooligans

In a move reminiscent of a halftime pep talk, the Ministry of Security in Buenos Aires has stepped up to the plate, asserting its authority in the domain of football safety.

A Real-Life Drama Unfolds at CLUB ATLÉTICO RIVER PLATE

Imagine a pre-match confrontation between rival factions near the revered grounds of CLUB ATLÉTICO RIVER PLATE. This isn’t your typical sports drama; it’s a real-life spectacle that has spurred the Ministry into decisive action.

Unveiling the Legal Playbook: Navigating the Bureaucratic Dance

The bureaucratic dance begins with the introduction of Resolution 47/2024, a document shrouded in cryptic codes like RESOL-2024-47-APN-MSG. Fasten your seatbelt as we navigate through the legal labyrinth, citing laws like N° 22.520 and the whimsically titled Decree N° 8 of January 2, 2024.

Ministry’s Power Play: A Tactical Substitution in the Org Chart

In a strategic move akin to a tactical substitution, the Ministry of Security tweaks its organizational chart with Decree N° 8, reshaping the landscape for centralized national administration. The spotlight now shifts to the SECRETARY OF SECURITY, orchestrating policies to curb the chaos in football spectacles.

Legal Symphony: Harmonizing Laws and Decrees

As we waltz through legal corridors, Law N° 20.655 takes center stage, demanding the State’s vigilance over the safety of sports events. Cue Decree N° 246/17, a maestro’s touch, harmonizing legal notes to update guidelines on football safety. The baton is passed to the Ministry of Security, bestowed with the authority to craft restrictive measures against potential public safety threats.

The Showdown at the River Plate Corral: A Cinematic Clash

April 19, 2017, marks a date etched in football archives. The atmosphere around the CLUB ATLÉTICO RIVER PLATE stadium becomes a powder keg. Picture rival factions vying for dominance in what can only be described as a scripted confrontation straight out of a blockbuster.

Police Intervention: A Real-Life Action Sequence

As tensions escalate near the Labruna Bridge, police witness a face-off between rival groups, reminiscent of a Hollywood showdown. An unexpected twist unfolds as individuals spill out of a Line 28 bus, armed with knives and rocks, ready to turn the spectacle into a battlefield.

The Chase: From Cantilo to General Paz

A high-stakes pursuit ensues as troublemakers board the Line 28 bus, initiating a chase worthy of a blockbuster car chase scene. The pursuit, complete with motorcycles and police vehicles, culminates in a dramatic halt at Cantilo and General Paz avenues.

The Aftermath: Detentions and Hospital Pit Stops

In the aftermath, 27 individuals find themselves in cuffs, with the inventory revealing five knives, two rocks, and one wounded combatant. The injured are ushered to Pirovano and Fernández Hospitals, while the legal saga kicks off under the jurisdiction of the 35th Criminal and Misdemeanor Prosecutor’s Office.

The Ministerial Verdict: A Ban Hammer Falls

Legal Debrief: Charges, Impositions, and Identifications

The accused face charges under the umbrella of “Injuries in Brawl,” as their identities, complete with DNI numbers, are laid bare. Names like JESUS FLORENTINO OVIEDO and HERNAN DANIEL CORIA populate the list, each a player in this real-life drama.


Ministry’s Trump Card: Administrative Ban

In a bid to restore order in the football arena, the Ministry flexes its administrative muscle, imposing a four-year “Administrative Attendance Restriction” on the culprits. Patricia Bullrich, the Minister of Security, invokes Article 2, sections a) and d), of Resolution N° 354/17, aligning with Article 7 of Decree N° 246/17.

The Clock Ticks: Enforcement and Effective Date

As the administrative gavel falls, the ban takes effect immediately upon its proclamation in the official gazette. The ball is now in the Ministry’s court, the directive to be communicated, published, and archived for posterity.

In a saga seamlessly blending legal intricacies with the drama of a blockbuster, the Ministry of Security takes a decisive stand against football hooliganism. The four-year ban becomes a symbol of their commitment to ensuring that the beautiful game remains beautiful, free from the shadows cast by violent clashes.

Ministry of Security Halts Football Hooligans: A Legal Playbook Unveiled 2024
Ministry of Security Halts Football Hooligans: A Legal Playbook Unveiled 2024


Why did the Ministry of Security impose a ban on football hooligans?

The ban aims to curb violence and ensure the safety of football events.

How long is the administrative attendance restriction imposed by the Ministry?

The Ministry has imposed a four-year ban on the culprits.

Which laws and decrees were instrumental in the Ministry’s power play against hooliganism?

Key legal frameworks include Resolution 47/2024, N° 22.520, Decree N° 8, Law N° 20.655, and Decree N° 246/17.

What led to the dramatic confrontation near CLUB ATLÉTICO RIVER PLATE?

Rival factions clashed, leading to a high-stakes pursuit and subsequent arrests.

How quickly does the ban take effect after its proclamation?

The ban takes effect immediately upon proclamation in the official gazette.

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