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Ministerio del Interior: Administrative Decision 102/2024

Background Insights

In the bustling corridors of bureaucratic decisions, Administrative Decision 102/2024 shines a spotlight on the appointment of the Director General of the National General Archive. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this administrative maneuver and its implications for the Ministry of the Interior.

In the backdrop of bureaucratic machinery

Lies the foundation of Decision 102/2024. This decision finds its roots in the legal frameworks established by Laws No. 25.164 and 27.701, along with a plethora of decrees delineating administrative procedures. Notably, Decree No. 88/23 ushered in the application of Law No. 27.701 from January 1, 2024, in accordance with the stipulations of Article 27 of the Law on Financial Administration and Control Systems of the National Public Sector.

Transitional Appointments and Organizational Structures

Navigating through the labyrinth of administrative protocols, Decree No. 355/17 delineated the process of transitional appointments within the national public sector. It entrusted the task of such appointments, below the rank of Undersecretary, to the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, under specified circumstances. Furthermore, Decree No. 33/24 endorsed the Organizational Chart of the National Administration up to the Subsecretary level, including objectives, particularly within the Ministry of the Interior.

Necessity and Implementation

The crux of Decision 102/2024 lies in the imperative need to temporarily fill the vacant and budgeted position of Director General of the National General Archive within the Ministry of the Interior. To fulfill this, the appointment of Mr. Emilio Leonardo Perina Konstantinovsky is proposed, necessitating an exemption from certain entry requirements into the National Public Administration, as stipulated by law.


Legal Mandate and Juridical Intervention

Legal mandates, constitutional prerogatives, and prior administrative decisions converge to authorize Decision 102/2024. This decision is not merely an exercise of administrative power but a manifestation of constitutional authority, backed by legal frameworks and juridical interventions.

Decisive Measures

In conclusion, Decision 102/2024 stands as a testament to the intricacies of administrative processes within the Ministry of the Interior. It exemplifies the meticulous maneuvering required to navigate bureaucratic landscapes while adhering to legal frameworks and constitutional mandates.

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