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Minister Sandra Pettovello’s Stance on Protests and Social Assistance

Protesting is a fundamental right, but it should not impede the freedom of movement for fellow citizens. Minister Sandra Pettovello emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between exercising one’s rights and ensuring the smooth functioning of society.

In a bold move, the Ministry of Human Capital has made it clear that individuals promoting or participating in roadblocks will face consequences. They will be excluded from any dialogue with the ministry, highlighting the government’s commitment to maintaining open lines of communication.

Furthermore, the government is taking steps to overhaul social assistance programs. The distribution of social plans will be audited to eliminate any middlemen and ensure that the assistance reaches those who truly need it. Recipients of social plans are reminded that their freedom matters and that they cannot be coerced into joining protests under the threat of losing their plan. Attendance certificates, which were previously used as proof of participation, will be abolished.

To discourage disruptive protests, the government has implemented a policy that withholds payment from individuals who block roads. Minister Pettovello firmly states, “He who blocks, doesn’t get paid.” This measure aims to discourage actions that disrupt daily life and hinder the progress of the nation.


While taking a firm stance on protests, Minister Pettovello also recognizes the need to support vulnerable individuals. In response to the challenges left by the previous government, the Universal Child Allowance will be doubled, and the Food Card will be increased by 50%. This commitment to the most vulnerable members of society demonstrates the government’s dedication to rectifying past issues.

The ultimate goal of the government is to restore jobs, autonomy, and freedom for every citizen. Minister Pettovello encourages social plan beneficiaries to speak up if their plan is unjustly revoked due to their refusal to participate in protests. Reporting such incidents by dialing 138 ensures that their voices are heard and their rights are protected.

In summary, Minister Sandra Pettovello draws a clear line between peaceful protests and disruptive actions. The government’s focus is on striking a balance between individual rights and societal well-being. Alongside this, efforts are being made to revamp social assistance programs to better serve those in need. The government’s message is clear: work towards recovery, and your freedom will be restored.

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