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The Escalating Feud Between Milei and Lali Espósito

Milei and Lali Espósito – In recent days, the feud between Argentine President Javier Milei and singer Lali Espósito has reached new heights. The President has escalated his criticism of Espósito, questioning the funds allocated to cultural shows and accusing her of being a propaganda tool for a political entity. Meanwhile, Espósito has fired back, expressing her frustration and highlighting the impact of government policies on the arts.

President Milei’s Criticisms

President Milei has not held back in his criticism of Lali Espósito. He has accused her of living off taxpayers’ money and being a puppet for a political agenda. In an interview with radio La Red, the President stated, “If you want to attack, you have to be clean. If you’re a parasite who lived off the state’s teat, and if your opinions align with a political entity that paid for your performances, you’re a propaganda tool, not an artist.”

Milei also took aim at the funds allocated to cultural shows, questioning the priorities of the governors. He argued that the money could be better spent on feeding the people rather than lining the pockets of artists like Espósito. The President’s remarks have sparked controversy and reignited the debate over the role of government funding in the arts.

Espósito’s Response

Lali Espósito has not shied away from responding to President Milei’s criticisms. During her performance at Cosquín Rock, she delivered a powerful message aimed at her detractors. Changing the lyrics of her song “Who are they?”, Espósito defiantly sang, “That I live off the state.” Her words resonated with her fans and sparked a viral moment.

Espósito’s response comes at a time when the government has been cutting funds sent to the provinces and the arts sector has been greatly affected. The singer’s frustration is evident as she highlights the impact of these policies on artists and the cultural industry as a whole.


The Origin of the Feud – Milei and Lali Espósito

The feud between President Milei and Lali Espósito began on August 13, 2023, when Espósito posted four words on her social media account. It was shortly after the primary elections, which saw Milei’s party, La Libertad Avanza, emerge as the most voted force. The possibility of Milei becoming President sent shockwaves through the political landscape, and tensions between different sectors intensified.

Since then, the dispute between Milei and Espósito has only grown. Milei’s assumption of the presidency and his criticisms of the arts sector have further fueled the feud. Espósito’s public performances and her vocal defense of the arts have become a platform for her to express her frustration and challenge the President’s views.

The ongoing feud between President Milei and Lali Espósito reflects larger debates about government funding for the arts and the role of artists in politics. As the two continue to exchange barbs, it remains to be seen how this conflict will evolve and whether it will have any lasting impact on the cultural landscape of Argentina.

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