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Maximizing Benefits: AFIP Notifies Relatives of Deceased Agent

In a bid to ensure all rightful beneficiaries are duly acknowledged, the Administration Federal de Ingresos Públicos (AFIP) has initiated a ten-day citation process for the relatives of the deceased agent, Maria Alejandra Fernandez Polla, bearing D.N.I. No. 18.232.666. This action aligns with the provisions outlined in Article 18 of the Collective Labor Agreement, Laudo N° 15/91 (T.O. Resolution S.T. N° 925/10).

Understanding the Notification Process

Within this ten-day period, eligible relatives are requested to reach out to assert their entitlements. Correspondence should be directed to the designated email address: [email protected].

Clarifying Eligibility

Who qualifies for this notification? What steps should eligible relatives take to ensure their rights are upheld? Furthermore, individuals who believe they are entitled to outstanding payments from the deceased agent must contact the Division of Financial Management via the following email addresses: [email protected][email protected][email protected]. It is imperative to provide supporting documentation establishing the familial relationship with the deceased agent and, if applicable, the declaration of heirs.

Additional Information

This publication is scheduled for three consecutive business days. Maria Roxana Aguirre, Head of the Department of Employee Benefits and Occupational Health, oversees this process. Should there be any queries or concerns regarding this notification, individuals are encouraged to reach out promptly for clarification and guidance. Let’s ensure that rightful beneficiaries receive the support they deserve.


In conclusion, AFIP’s proactive approach in notifying relatives of deceased agents underscores its commitment to transparency and fairness. By facilitating this process, AFIP aims to streamline the claims process, providing much-needed support to grieving families.


How long do relatives have to respond to the notification from AFIP? Relatives have a ten-day window to assert their entitlements.


What documents are required to support claims for outstanding payments? Supporting documentation includes proof of familial relationship and, if applicable, the declaration of heirs.

Who oversees the notification process at AFIP? Maria Roxana Aguirre, the Head of the Department of Employee Benefits and Occupational Health, supervises this process.

What if I have additional questions or need clarification? Individuals are encouraged to reach out promptly to AFIP for assistance and guidance.

Why is it important to adhere to the notification process outlined by AFIP? Adhering to the process ensures fairness and transparency in the distribution of entitlements to rightful beneficiaries.

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