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María Tornero Appointed as Director of International Affairs at National Immigration Office

In a recent decision by the National Immigration Office, María Tornero has been appointed as the Director of International Affairs. This decision, outlined in Administrative Decision 113/2024, marks a significant development in the organizational structure of the institution.

Background and Context

The appointment comes in the wake of various legislative and administrative actions, including Decree No. 88/23 and Decision No. 1254/16, which have set the framework for staffing procedures within the National Immigration Office. These measures, in conjunction with the provisions of Law No. 27.701, have paved the way for the implementation of new personnel policies.

Transitory Appointment

María Tornero’s appointment is characterized as transitory, effective from February 1, 2024, for a period of 180 business days. During this time, she will serve as the Director of International Affairs within the National Immigration Office, operating under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior.

Legal Framework

The decision to appoint María Tornero aligns with the legal provisions outlined in Decree No. 355/17, which empowers the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers to make transitory appointments within the National Public Administration. Additionally, the decision is in accordance with the constitutional authority vested in the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers and the relevant administrative protocols.


Implications and Next Steps

As María Tornero assumes her new role, the National Immigration Office is poised to strengthen its international relations and streamline its operational capacities. Her appointment underscores the commitment of the institution to uphold its mandate and enhance collaboration on migration-related matters at the global level.


In conclusion, the appointment of María Tornero as the Director of International Affairs signifies a strategic move by the National Immigration Office to bolster its organizational structure and pursue its objectives in line with national priorities. As she embarks on her tenure, María Tornero brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise, poised to make significant contributions to the institution’s mission. The decision, effective immediately, reflects the dynamic nature of personnel management within the public sector and underscores the government’s commitment to efficient governance and institutional effectiveness.

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