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Lucía BENINCA Empowering Decision: Appointment of Director for Administrative Processes 2024

Lucía BENINCA Empowering Decision – In the bustling heart of Buenos Aires, amidst administrative corridors and bustling governmental activities, a pivotal decision reverberates through the halls of power.

Let’s delve into the administrative decree DA-2024-40-APN-JGM, signifying the appointment of a Director for Enlace y Procesos Administrativos within the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers.

Navigating the Administrative Landscape The Argentine administrative landscape, governed by a myriad of laws and decrees, sets the stage for this significant decision. From Decree No. 88/23 to Administrative Decision No. 1865/20, each legislative piece contributes to the framework within which this appointment unfolds.

Navigating Administrative Frameworks Within this intricate web of regulations, Decree No. 355/17 stands out, delineating the process for transitory appointments within the governmental hierarchy. It empowers the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers to effectuate such appointments, ensuring operational continuity within the national administration.

Organizational Structures:

Framework for Action Decree No. 45/23 and Administrative Decision No. 1865/20 serve as pillars defining the organizational structure of the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers. These documents delineate the operational framework within which administrative roles are defined and executed.

A Necessity Arises: Temporary Appointment Filling the Void: Director of Enlace y Procesos Administrativos

With a vacant and funded position for Director of Enlace y Procesos Administrativos within the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers, the necessity for a temporary appointment becomes evident. This appointment aims to ensure the seamless continuation of administrative processes essential for effective governance.

Administrative Efficiency Without Extraordinary Measures It’s crucial to note that this transitory appointment doesn’t entail the allocation of extraordinary resources. Instead, it serves as a strategic maneuver to maintain operational efficiency within the governmental machinery.

Decisive Action: The Directive In light of the aforementioned considerations, the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers takes decisive action:

Directive Article 1 Lucía BENINCA

Lucía BENINCA, holding ID No. 32,927,028, is appointed as the Director of Enlace y Procesos Administrativos, effective from January 1, 2024, for a term of one hundred and eighty (180) business days. This appointment adheres to the provisions outlined in the Sectorial Collective Labor Agreement of the National Public Employment System (SINEP).

Directive Article 2

The administrative procedures for filling the aforementioned position must comply with the prevailing selection criteria within the stipulated timeframe, ensuring adherence to established protocols and regulations.

Directive Article 3

Financial allocations necessary for the execution of this administrative decision shall be sourced from the specific budgetary provisions allocated to Jurisdiction 25 – Chief of Cabinet of Ministers.

Directive Article 4

This decision shall be communicated, published, and archived as per standard administrative protocols.


In conclusion, this administrative decree embodies a strategic response to ensure the continuity and efficacy of governmental operations within the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers.

FAQs Why is a transitory appointment necessary?

A transitory appointment is necessary to fill a vacant position temporarily and ensure the smooth functioning of administrative processes.

What criteria govern the selection process for such appointments?

The selection process for transitory appointments must adhere to the prevailing selection criteria and established protocols and regulations.

How does this decision impact the operational efficiency of the governmental body?

This decision aims to maintain operational efficiency by filling a crucial administrative role within the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers.

Is there a possibility of extending the term of the appointment beyond 180 days?

The term of the appointment is currently set at 180 business days, but any possibility of extension would be subject to future decisions and considerations.

How does this appointment align with broader governmental objectives and policies?

This appointment aligns with the broader objective of ensuring effective governance and operational continuity within the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers.

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