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Living in Paris: A Cheaper Option than Buenos Aires with the Same Salary in Pesos

Living in Paris: A Cheaper Option than Buenos Aires with the Same Salary in Pesos

Hey there, folks! Today, we’re diving into some economic twists and turns down in Argentina. Picture this: you’re living in Buenos Aires, enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city, but suddenly, your wallet starts feeling lighter. Why? Well, inflation in dollars is shaking things up like never before. The dollar price hike.

Soaring Prices in Buenos Aires

Let’s break it down. Prices are soaring, not just in pesos, but in dollars too! Your everyday essentials like shirts, sweaters, pasta, or even a simple cup of coffee are pricier than you’d find in places like Paris or Rome. According to a report by EconViews, led by economist Miguel Kiguel, the price of basics like white rice spiked by 113%, and flour by 103%, all measured in dollars. It begs the question: Is Argentina becoming a pricey spot to be in when you’re dealing with dollars?

Government Hustles and Economic Hurdles

Now, the government isn’t sitting idly by. They’re pulling out the stops, trying to tame this inflation beast. They’ve ditched interest rate floors and opened up imports to speed up the peso’s devaluation, aiming for a quick dollarization. But guess what? They’re still grappling with dollar inflation.

Internal Price Pinch

So, what’s the fallout? Well, your purchasing power takes a hit. Basic goods like white rice are selling at significantly higher prices compared to other countries. Take the U.S., for instance; a bag of rice won’t cost you as much as it does down in Argentina.

Comparing the Cost of Living


Now, let’s talk bang for your buck. Political analyst Julio Burdman says living costs in cities like Paris are more pocket-friendly for Argentinians, even if you’re earning in pesos. Take diapers, for example; they’re pricier in Buenos Aires than in ritzy tourist spots like Punta del Este.

Economic Outlook and Social Fallout

Experts predict that dollar inflation will keep climbing, squeezing the wallets of Argentine citizens. This spells trouble for industrial competitiveness and the overall quality of life.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, dollar inflation is hitting Argentinian wallets hard, shaking up both the economy and folks’ day-to-day lives. Suddenly, living it up in foreign cities like Paris seems a whole lot more appealing, thanks to the peso’s nosedive and sky-high domestic prices. It’s a challenge for both the government and society at large, who’ll need to roll up their sleeves and find some real solutions to soften the blow.

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