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Join the Public Hearing on Tariff Norms for Water Distribution and Sewage Systems

Hey folks, Anderson Cooper here, bringing you some juicy news about a public hearing you might want to tune into. So, the Secretary of Public Works from the Ministry of Economy is throwing an open house for all you interested peeps. What’s on the agenda, you ask? Well, they’re going to chew over a proposal about tweaking some tariffs, courtesy of Aguas y Saneamientos Argentinos S.A. (AySA). They want to chat about how they’re planning to adjust the tariff norms for water distribution and sewage systems. Seems like something worth discussing, right?

What’s the Scoop?

So, the deal is, they’re hashing it out on March 27, 2024, at 10:00 AM. But here’s the twist – it’s all happening online! Yep, you heard me right. They’ve got this fancy digital platform where you can watch and even join in on the action. And guess what? They’re streaming the whole shebang live! Just keep an eye on the Water and Sanitation Regulatory Authority’s (ERAS) website for the deets. Oh, and they’re following some rules laid down in the government decree. Gotta keep it legit, you know?

Who’s Running the Show?

Leading the charge is the big boss himself, Luis Giovine, Secretary of Public Works. He’s the man when it comes to regulating the water and sewage game, thanks to the Law No. 26.221. But hey, he’s got some backups too – Walter Mendez and Sonia Kabala are ready to step in if needed.

How’s It Going Down?

ERAS is the mastermind behind this shindig. They’re the ones making sure everything runs smooth as silk. And if you’re itching to get a peek at what AySA is bringing to the table, swing by ERAS’ office at Avenida Callao 982, Buenos Aires, between March 11th and March 25th. They’ve got all the docs laid out for your perusal.

Sign Me Up!


Now, if you’re eager to jump in on the action, head down to ERAS’ office between March 11th and March 25th, from 9 AM to 4 PM, to sign up. And hey, if you’re feeling extra brave and want to be a speaker at the public hearing, just fill out a form and spill your thoughts. Don’t forget to bring along any documents or proposals you want to share.

Get in Touch

Got questions or comments? Drop them an email at [email protected]. They’re all ears and ready to hear what you’ve got to say.

Spread the Word

And last but not least, help spread the word! They’re shouting it from the rooftops through official channels like the Boletín Oficial and a couple of national newspapers. Plus, you can catch updates on the Ministry of Economy’s Public Works Secretary, ERAS, and AySA websites.

The Final Word

Keep your eyes peeled because within 30 days of wrapping up, they’ll drop the final decision based on all the discussions and feedback. So mark your calendars and get ready to have your say! Let’s make some waves together.

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