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Javier Milei’s School Talk: Anecdotes, Economy, and Two Faints

Javier Milei’s School Talk: Anecdotes, Economy, and Two Faints

Javier Milei, the outspoken Argentine economist, recently took center stage at his alma mater, the Instituto Cardenal Copello, in Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires, and boy, did he stir things up. From reminiscing about his school days to defending his controversial economic policies, Milei’s speech was packed with drama, humor, and even a couple of fainting spells.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Milei kicked off his hour-long talk by taking a stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about his school days back in 1977, during the dark days of Argentina’s military dictatorship. He urged students to form their own opinions, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking. And guess what? He even confessed to having left-leaning views in his youth. Talk about a plot twist!

Economic Musings

But it wasn’t all about nostalgia. Milei delved into economics, tracing his interest back to the crisis of 1981. He recounted how a particular minister’s words sparked his passion for economics, leading to his controversial stance on abolishing the Central Bank. And let’s not forget his witty remarks about economics mishaps, proving that even economists have a sense of humor.

Tears and Faints

As Milei weaved through anecdotes and political commentary, emotions ran high. He shared stories of influential teachers and school values, prompting tears from Minister Sandra Pettovello. And just when things couldn’t get any more intense, not one, but two students fainted during his talk. Talk about making an impression!

Controversial Topics

Milei didn’t shy away from controversy either. He tackled topics like socialism, debt financing, and even abortion, branding it as “murder.” His unapologetic views may have raised eyebrows, but they certainly got people talking.


Future Plans

As Milei’s speech neared its end, he hinted at his future economic plans, promising a mix of “chainsaw and blender.” His bold vision for Argentina’s economy left the audience intrigued and perhaps a tad nervous.

A Day in the Life of Milei

But Milei’s school visit wasn’t his only stop. Just the day before, he was rubbing shoulders with businessmen at an agricultural expo in San Nicolás. There, he confidently defended his government’s economic policies and predicted future inflation rates, leaving no stone unturned.

The Bottom Line

Love him or hate him, Milei knows how to captivate an audience. With his sharp wit and unfiltered opinions, he’s definitely a force to be reckoned with in Argentine politics and economics. And who knows what bold move he’ll make next? One thing’s for sure: it’ll keep us all on the edge of our seats.

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