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Javier Milei’s Miami Journey: Recognized as International Ambassadors of Light

Javier Milei’s Miami Journey: Recognized as International Ambassadors of Light

In the vibrant city of Miami, on the evening of April 10th, Javier Milei and Karina will be bestowed with the prestigious title of “International Ambassadors of Light.” This distinguished recognition celebrates their unwavering commitment to spreading freedom and their tireless advocacy for Israel and the global community.

A Night of Celebration and Diplomacy

The event will take place during a dinner hosted by the local Jewish community to inaugurate the Menachem Mendel Schneerson Center, honoring the influential rabbi of the 20th century from the Lubavitch movement. Alongside the ceremonial dinner, President Milei will engage in meetings with entrepreneurs from the United States and Latin America, who endorse his economic agenda and express interest in investing in Argentina.

A delegation of purpose will accompany Milei to Miami, including Karina Milei, Secretary General of the Presidency, Gerardo Werthein, the designated ambassador to Washington, and Rabbi Axel Wahnish, Argentina’s future representative to Israel.

A Reverence for History and Faith

Milei’s profound respect for Judaism and Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, is evident. Having visited his grave in New York twice, Milei acknowledges the rabbi’s global influence, particularly in the wake of the Holocaust.

Embracing a Legacy of Illumination

The invitation extended by the Miami Jewish community signifies Milei’s acceptance of the honor to be recognized as International Ambassadors of Light. The event, set for April 10th, directly alludes to the teachings of the Torah, highlighting the couple’s commitment to spreading freedom, hope, and positivity.


Championing Freedom and Justice

Milei’s acknowledgment stems from his advocacy for freedom and his support for Israel’s legitimate right to defend itself against acts of terrorism, such as the tragic events of October 7th, 2023. Upon receiving the award, Milei intends to reiterate his unwavering support for Israel and urge Hamas to release all hostages taken on October 7th, emphasizing the need for justice in the face of terrorism.

A Strategic Diplomatic Agenda

Gerardo Werthein, designated ambassador to the White House, is instrumental in organizing the president’s institutional agenda. With discussions focusing on potential investments in energy and mining, Milei’s visit holds significant diplomatic and economic implications.

Looking Ahead

As the United States presidential elections loom, Milei currently opts out of political meetings in Miami. However, the city’s significance as a hub of activity remains undeniable.


In Miami, Javier and Karina Milei’s upcoming recognition as International Ambassadors of Light not only celebrates their dedication to freedom and global unity but also underscores the enduring bond between Argentina, Israel, and the international community.

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