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Ignacio Maisano Granted License for Telecommunications Services

Ignacio Maisano Granted License for Telecommunications Services

In a recent move by the National Communications Entity, Ignacio Maisano has been granted a license to provide telecommunications (TIC) services. This decision marks a significant step in the realm of telecommunications.

What Does the Resolution Entail?

The resolution passed by the National Communications Entity (Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones) signifies the granting of a license to Ignacio Maisano. This license authorizes him to offer telecommunications (TIC) services, covering a wide spectrum from fixed to mobile, and from wired to wireless, both domestically and internationally.

No Assumption of Spectrum Availability

It’s crucial to note that the granting of this license does not automatically imply the availability of radio frequency spectrum by the national state. The responsibility for obtaining authorization and/or permission for spectrum frequency usage lies with the applicant and must be processed through the National Communications Entity.


Implications and Next Steps

This development opens up avenues for Ignacio Maisano in the telecommunications sector. With the license in hand, he can now explore and expand his offerings in both national and international markets. However, it’s imperative for Maisano to navigate the process of obtaining spectrum frequency usage carefully.


The decision by the National Communications Entity to grant Ignacio Maisano a license for telecommunications (TIC) services underscores the ongoing developments in the telecommunications industry. As Maisano moves forward, he must adhere to the regulatory requirements and seize the opportunities presented by this license.

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