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Government Overhauls Trust Funds to Enhance Financial Transparency

In a move aimed at bolstering financial transparency and efficiency, the Argentine government has taken significant steps to revamp trust funds. Under Decree 215/2024, the Ministry of Economy will now oversee all trust funds integrated with national assets or funds, assuming responsibility for their management and direction.

Background and Context

Since assuming office in December 2023, the current administration has prioritized fiscal responsibility and equitable resource allocation. Recognizing the importance of transparent governance, these measures seek to align with constitutional principles and international standards against corruption.

Transparency and Accountability

Central to this initiative is the recognition of the principles of transparency, efficiency, and accountability in public administration. As underscored by the Supreme Court of Justice, these principles are inherent in Argentina’s republican form of government.

International Commitments

Argentina’s commitment to international conventions against corruption further underscores the imperative for transparent public administration. These conventions advocate for citizen participation and access to information, crucial in combating corruption.

Addressing Systemic Challenges

An audit conducted by the General Audit Office revealed systemic deficiencies in the operation of trust funds. These included outdated administrative procedures, lack of oversight mechanisms, and inadequacies in financial reporting.


Government Intervention

To address these shortcomings, the Ministry of Economy has been designated as the fiduciary authority for all national trust funds. This mandate includes overseeing fund management, conducting comprehensive audits, and implementing necessary contractual adjustments.

Path Forward

Within 60 days of the decree’s enactment, the Ministry of Economy, in collaboration with the General Audit Office, will conduct thorough audits of all trust funds. These audits aim to identify critical areas for improvement and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Collaborative Approach

The success of these reforms hinges on collaborative efforts between government agencies and stakeholders. Primary agencies responsible for the management of trust funds are required to provide full cooperation and assistance to the Ministry of Economy.


By centralizing oversight and enhancing accountability measures, the government seeks to strengthen public trust and ensure the efficient allocation of resources. These reforms mark a significant step towards a more transparent and accountable governance framework in Argentina. In conclusion, the government’s decisive action underscores its commitment to fiscal responsibility and good governance, setting a precedent for transparent and accountable public administration.

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