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ENTE NACIONAL DE COMUNICACIONES Issues Key Resolution: A Milestone for Telecommunications in Argentina

Breaking News: ENTE NACIONAL DE COMUNICACIONES Issues Key Resolution

In a recent development from the ENTE NACIONAL DE COMUNICACIONES, a pivotal resolution has been announced, marking a significant step in telecommunications within Argentina. Let’s dive into the details.

Resolution Summary: What You Need to Know

The Interim Administrator of the ENTE NACIONAL DE COMUNICACIONES has made the following decisions:

  1. Compliance Acknowledged
  2. Firstly, the conditions outlined in Article 3 of Resolution ENACOM No. 1,291 dated December 2, 2020, have been officially recognized as fulfilled to date. This acknowledgment extends to TIBRO NETHERLANDS B.V. SUCURSAL ARGENTINA, granting them the authorization to operate within the satellite fixed service frequency segments allocated in the Republic of Argentina.

  3. Notification Issued
  4. Secondly, the concerned party, TIBRO NETHERLANDS B.V. SUCURSAL ARGENTINA, has been duly notified of this decision.

  5. Official Communication
  6. Lastly, in adherence to protocol, the resolution shall be communicated, published in summary, and forwarded to the National Directorate of Official Registry. Signed by Juan Martín Ozores, Interim Administrator, National Communications Entity.

Note: The complete version of this resolution can be accessed on the ENACOM website:

Unpacking the Resolution: What Does It Mean?

This latest resolution from the ENTE NACIONAL DE COMUNICACIONES carries significant implications for telecommunications operations in Argentina. Let’s break down its key components.


Compliance Confirmation

The acknowledgment of compliance with the conditions set forth in a previous resolution underscores the commitment of TIBRO NETHERLANDS B.V. SUCURSAL ARGENTINA to meet regulatory standards. This green light paves the way for their active participation in satellite fixed service operations within Argentina.

Notification Process

With the issuance of official notification, the concerned party is now fully informed of their status and responsibilities, ensuring transparency and accountability in the regulatory process.

Regulatory Transparency

By publishing a summary of the resolution and forwarding it to the National Directorate of Official Registry, the ENTE NACIONAL DE COMUNICACIONES demonstrates its commitment to transparency and regulatory compliance, fostering a conducive environment for telecommunications development.

Looking Ahead: Implications and Future Prospects

As Argentina continues to navigate the evolving landscape of telecommunications, this resolution sets a precedent for regulatory clarity and operational transparency. Moving forward, stakeholders can anticipate a conducive environment for innovation and growth in the telecommunications sector, supported by robust regulatory frameworks and transparent processes.

Stay tuned for further updates as we track the evolving landscape of telecommunications in Argentina and beyond.

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