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Ensuring Public Safety: Understanding Ministry of Security Resolution 84/2024

In the realm of public safety, effective governance plays a pivotal role. The Ministry of Security, through its resolutions and actions, aims to uphold law and order while safeguarding citizens’ rights. Let’s delve into the intricacies of Resolution 84/2024 and its implications.

Ministry’s Mandate

At the core of its responsibilities, the Ministry of Security is entrusted with maintaining internal security, protecting citizens’ lives, freedoms, and assets within a democratic framework. Its jurisdiction extends to overseeing internal law enforcement.

Policy Implementation

The Ministry, specifically through its Security Secretariat, formulates and executes policies to regulate security during football events, fostering violence prevention and coordinating with relevant authorities. It devises strategic frameworks for federal security forces’ engagement in sporting and mass events.

Legal Framework

Laws like N° 20.655 underscore the state’s duty to ensure the safety and decorum of sporting events. Regulatory decrees, such as N° 246/17, empower the Ministry to enact measures curbing potential threats to public safety during football matches.

Preventive Measures

Resolutions like N° 354-E/2017 prioritize preventing aggression and violence at football events, imposing administrative attendance restrictions at stadiums. These measures aim to preempt disturbances and maintain order.

Incident Overview

The genesis of Resolution 84/2024 lies in the tumultuous events preceding a football match involving Club Atlético Gimnasia y Esgrima and Club Atlético Defensores de Belgrano. Altercations resulted in fatalities and injuries, prompting official intervention.

Enforcement Actions

Following the incident, administrative actions were warranted. Notably, individuals involved were subjected to administrative attendance restrictions at sporting events nationwide.

Legal Justification

The decision to impose attendance restrictions aligns with existing legal provisions aimed at curbing potential threats to public safety. It underscores the Ministry’s commitment to maintaining order and deterring individuals with legal or administrative infractions from attending sporting events.



Resolution 84/2024 exemplifies the Ministry of Security’s proactive stance in ensuring public safety during sporting events. By implementing administrative measures, it aims to mitigate risks and foster a secure environment for all stakeholders.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How does Resolution 84/2024 contribute to public safety?

Resolution 84/2024 imposes administrative attendance restrictions on individuals involved in disturbances, thereby enhancing security at sporting events.

2. What legal framework supports the Ministry’s actions?

Laws like N° 20.655 and regulatory decrees like N° 246/17 provide the legal basis for the Ministry’s interventions to maintain public safety.

3. What are the primary objectives of the Ministry’s resolutions regarding sporting events?

The Ministry prioritizes violence prevention and order maintenance at sporting events, as outlined in resolutions like N° 354-E/2017.

4. How does Resolution 84/2024 impact event attendees?

Individuals subject to administrative attendance restrictions pursuant to Resolution 84/2024 are barred from attending sporting events nationwide.

5. What considerations inform the Ministry’s decision-making process in such incidents?

The Ministry considers legal provisions, incident severity, and public safety imperatives when determining appropriate enforcement actions.

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