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Dr. José Eduardo Gonzalez Aguada Takes Charge at Ministry of Health

Breaking News: Dr. José Eduardo Gonzalez Aguada Takes Charge at Ministry of Health

In a recent administrative decision, the Ministry of Health has named Dr. José Eduardo Gonzalez Aguada as the temporary Coordinator of Purchases. This appointment is a crucial one that will shape the operations of the ministry.

Shuffling the Deck

The administrative decision, DA-2024-25-APN-JGM, dated February 1, 2024, outlines the appointment of Dr. José Eduardo Gonzalez Aguada. This move comes in the wake of Decree No. 88/23, which signals the enforcement of provisions from the General Budget Law.

Understanding the Framework

To grasp the significance of this decision, we need to refer to Decree No. 355/17, which stipulates that all temporary appointments in permanent and extra-salary positions below the rank of Subsecretary will be made by the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers. This includes vacancies with budgetary support, aligning with the organizational structures.

Connecting the Dots

Moving forward, Decree No. 10/24 has given the green light to the organizational chart of the National Administration, up to the Subsecretary level. The subsequent Administrative Decision No. 384/21 then approved the first and second-level organizational structure of the Ministry of Health.

The Need for Change

The decision emphasizes the necessity to temporarily fill the vacant and budgeted position of Coordinator of Purchases at the Purchases and Contracts Directorate of the General Administration Directorate of the Ministry of Health.

Legal Landscape

It is crucial to note that this interim appointment is not considered an allocation of extraordinary resources. The Ministry’s Legal Affairs Directorate has also played its role in reviewing and advising on this matter.

The Chief’s Call

Exercising the authority bestowed by the Constitution and Decree No. 355 of May 22, 2017, the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers makes the following decision. Dr. Jose Eduardo Gonzalez Aguada: The New Face.


The Road Ahead

Article 1 of the decision officially designates Dr. Jose Eduardo Gonzalez Aguada, holding ID number 33,636,572, as the temporary Coordinator of Purchases. This appointment is effective from December 26, 2023, and will last for a period of one hundred and eighty (180) business days.

Special Authorization

Furthermore, the decision grants authorization for the corresponding payment of the Executive Function Supplement Level IV, as per the National Employment System Collective Labor Agreement (SINEP), validated by Decree No. 2098/08. This appointment is exceptional, deviating from the provisions of Article 14 of the same agreement.

Financial Footing

Article 3 ensures that the expenses related to this administrative decision will be covered by specific budget allocations under Jurisdiction 80 – Ministry of Health.

Spreading the Word

Finally, Article 4 mandates the communication, publication, submission to the National Official Registry, and archiving of this decision.

In conclusion, this administrative shake-up signifies a strategic move to ensure the smooth functioning of the Ministry of Health, and Dr. Jose Eduardo Gonzalez Aguada steps into a pivotal role during these transformative times. Stay tuned for further updates as we witness the impact of this decision unfold.

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